Reclaiming my willpower!

Okay, confession time...I lost my willpower but I reclaim it back here and now! My bestie visited on Tuesday, brought me sweets and I thought I could handle a one off special lunch with turned out I couldn't! I have been eating crisps, bread and chocolate ever since. However that all ends now and I realise like many of you are doing there are some things I have to cut out altogether. So bye bye sugar, bread and crisps, my major enemies! It's week 4 and I forgive myself this slip up but state to you all now that I am going to do this...I AM going to do this! We can all do it, and we're only human so slip ups happen, but dust yourself off and keep going...the only failure is to give up!

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  • I couldn't agree more Jem! :)

    Well done you for climbing back on the wagon! :)

    Onwards and downwards! :)

  • Exactly!

  • I love this. Well done you. You have admitted it openly and reclaimed your strength! You haven't given up when it's soooo easy to. 💪🏼 Keep that strength in mind. The last 4 weeks haven't been for nothing. You can do this 🙂

  • Yep my willpower's back and there's no stopping me now NotSoTiny!

  • Me, too, I had a slip yesterday and went over my intended calorie limit. Getting back up with more determination. Onwards....  Plan the food for the day and stick to it is my aim.  Good luck! 

  • Yes Seuzan these last 3 days are planned and I'm sure this will make our week a success!

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