Having (yet another) bad day!

I've spent the entire day in a small classroom freezing cold as the heating wasn't working. As a result, I grabbed a massive jacket potato with cheese and beans in a desperate attempt to warm up. I've since had Tarte au Citron and feel like I'm undoing all the hard work that I've been putting in over the last few weeks. I feel like I need to write off today and tomorrow (meal out with friends for a leaving do) and start afresh on Friday. Is that OK? I don't mean go mad, but just stop kicking myself as I feel like it's counterproductive??? 


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9 Replies

  • If I was you I'd her straight back on track the longer you leave it the harder it will be. Remember why you started in the first place. Good luck

  • I tried on my bikini the other day this is my motivation to keep me on track!

  • It's just a blip but don't write off tomorrow. I agree, the longer you leave it the harder it'll be. Everyone slips a bit, I know I do. Remember why you decided to lose weight in the first place and just try to have a low fat, calorie controlled healthy eating plan rather than keep telling yourself the d word. (Diet). Last year I failed terribly because I kept eating the wrong things and I gave up. But this year I changed the way I look at what I eat and decided to go for a low fat, calorie controlled healthy eating plan instead. I used the figures I got from the BMI calculator and took the top figure and put the Myfittnesspal app on my tablet and phone and I'm doing so much better this year, I've lost almost 1 stone. Hang on in there you can do it.

  • If you can have something less calorie laden for evening meal you could still be within your allowance 😊 It's hard when it's cold!! I prefer a generous lunch anyway, so evening meals are often vegetarian pasta/curry/soup 😊 

    With regards to eating out I allow myself a main course and either a starter or a dessert or couple of drinks - usually about 800 - 1000 cals so achievable within my maximum 1500 per day. 

    Life is for living so it's important to have treats but if I feel out of control I start to feel quite negative 😕 It's all about balance 😊

    Good luck! 

  • Hi natalie-jade. Don't be too hard on yourself or you will just be miserable but try to keep within your calorie limit as much as possible and then you won't undo all your hard work. There are plenty of low cal choices you can have in a restaurant and maybe if you really want a pudding go for fruit salad instead of say a cheesecake (my fav). Trouble is things like meals out are always going to happen and if you stop your plan and start again a few days later you will find it harder. Sorry don't mean to sound bossy! Hope you manage to have a good meal out and keep within your allowance :)

  • Keep focused on what you want to see on the scales on your next weigh in Natalie jade :-) what's your goal for this week?

  • Exercise is just as good at keeping you warm...... Strive for progress not perfection.  Make a different choice at dinner tomorrow and celebrate that you did so.  Walk a while before getting the taxi, or something to add a little more exercise into your evening.  Drink plenty of water.  And enjoy yourself!  

  • Think of excess insulin as being an appetite stimulator (it's actually more sinister to health than just that); jacket potato, baked beans and refined carbohydrates will spike your insulin. Your rational mind is struggling because the food you ate to satisfy your appetite actually contributed to you needing more food.

    Make sure you enjoy everything you eat, but avoid the foods that stimulate your appetite rather than satisfying you.

  • Next time seek warming soups, and a roll, that will damage limitation, to things, and plan if you can too

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