Double Disaster.......I knew there was a reason why I called myself "forthe100thtime"!!!

so by the time we opened the 4th bottle of fizz I thought the chances are the handful of doritos aren't going to matter that much anymore!

I am torn between the emotions of having an amazing afternoon/evening out with friends and family who I haven't seen or spent time with for over a year, and the feeling of utter annoyance that I helped them get through 4 bottles of fizz and a basket of snacks and cancelled out all of the efforts of last week.

And then to top it off, as I was taking my shoes off, I twisted my leg to move but my foot decided to get stuck on a bit in a chair (a photo here would help as it was quite an impressive move - Olympic standard gymnast at least) as my leg twisted, my foot stayed still and CRACK! a massive crack noise echoed around the room as my ankle stayed where it was and slowly turned swollen and blue!!!

Bugger Bugger Bugger - no exercising for the next few days either now to undo the drinking damage.

........but it was a really good night  ;)   


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4 Replies

  • You had a great night just move on with a little extra healthy eating and exercise when you can!

  • Hi forthe100thtime!! Life is to be lived and you had a lovely time catching up with family. It sounds like this isn't an everyday occurence so there's no reason to think all your efforts have been blown and you have to start again. Healthy eating habits are for life with treats and special occasions allowed for!!! If you've been sticking to your plan more times than not then keep doing what you do on normal days. I'm sorry about your ankle, you definitely need to rest it. Exercise will come in due course but there are those of us on here who can't do much exercise anyway for health reasons...concentrate especially on healthy eating for now and I hope your ankle heals soon. ☺x

  • Sorry to hear about the ankle, that sounds very painful. If it is any consolation I succumbed to the temptation of a pret a manger chocolate croissant & a latte yesterday so that was almost 500 calories spent on something that only lasted 10 mins! At least you had a whole afternoon of fun. I have to say that I really did enjoy that croissant though. Will stay away from them for a while now....  Onwards!!!

  • I have just returned from a girlie weekend. Weekend of food and drink.  Brilliant!now the weight I managed to loose last week might be back on. I'm not going to focus on it and neither should you.  I would say  look at the bigger picture rather than one day and continue to make small changes. Don't give yourself a hard time and hope the ankle heals quickly 

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