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I am still kicking, lol

Hello all, it has been quite a while since my last post. The whirlwind that is my life is still  raging at full speed, leaving little time to catch a breather. I have only lost 5 lb since posting 2 months ago, bringing this years total to 15lb loss. Weighing on the 1st of the month is still my thing, so next weigh is due in 10 days. Weight now stands at 210lb.

Carbohydrates are still my big downfall, but I have come to terms with this and figure as long as the weight is going down then I am going to enjoy them. So, if one day I have a carb heavy breakfast, lunch and dinner, then that is ok. I like what I like, end of. I would rather lose 1/2lb every couple of weeks and have thoroughly enjoyed what I ate, than lose a couple of pound every week and still not satisfied my tastebuds. My mindset keeps changing about how I go about my weight problem, but stopping the 'don't have this, have that' and ' OMG, that is soooo bad for you'  from altering what I know about myself is helping. It helps that I don't have a sweet tooth at all, I know this. It helps that I am one of lifes 'triers', bouncing back after each knockdown - though this takes some doing sometimes, but bounce back I do.

I am still walking for England, having my Alfie and the pups Ryoko and Rupert ensures this continues. Until today it had been necessary to go for 2 walks as the pups couldn't keep the pace or distance of Alfie, today we all covered 3 miles. Still not really up to Alfies usual distance, but this will be twice a day for a couple of months yet as the pups are only 16 week old. They are doing fabulously, Ryoko is a ball of energy and Rupert is totally laid back. Ryoko is proving far easier to train too, picking things up very quickly. Alfie has warmed well to them after being the sole dog for the last 3 of his 7 years, though we did have a few weeks of him biting his tail and hind legs creating bald patches, this has stopped now thankfully.

Well, have a great weekend everyone, the weather is proving beautiful after all the rain and winds of what seems like forever. Sadly I have 3 nightshifts between tonight and Monday so will see very little of the days, hey ho, work = paid bills and mortgage, lol. 😊

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Lovely to hear from you Shellie. You certainly have the right attitude and those dogs will help you burn the calories! Keep doing what you're doing and trust your intuition 😊


Hi Shellie,

Great to hear from you, so happy all is well. Sounds like your monthly plan is working !! All those Ibs add up and 15 Ib is a good result.

The puppies sound a joy and I bet Alfie loves the company!! Have a good weigh in.

😇 xxx (for the dogs !! )


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