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Hello everyone

I have finally decided that I need to do something about my weight as over the last year it has piled on, okay I'm not the biggest but I know how I feel and that's miserable.

I have realised half my problem is I never no where to start and struggle to get motivated I work full time and am doing a college course so I'm always tiered and cant seem to drag my self off the sofa when I get home oh and I love food but I suppose that's why were all here.

I'm hoping that with your help and motivation I will/can do this. id love to here others stories and how they got on. sorry for the rambling.

charlie x


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  • Hi Charlie, 

    I've joined today as I need support in losing weight.  I've tried and been successful before but it goes back on.  No mysteries why- I love food!  Luckily I do love exercise too but you can't exercise off that much food!  Good luck with you weight loss!  We can do it!!!

  • Hello

    Thanks i struggle to motivate my self with exercise lol good luck too x 

  • Hello and welcome, 

    Have you checked out the NHS 12 week plan? It's a great way to shed those unwanted pounds, I really recommend it. As for encouragement you'll get all the advice, support and encouragement you need right here, there are some truly inspirational people all happy to help you succeed. 

    Good luck to you. 


  • Hello

    Thank you yes i am looking at the 12 week plan now gonna start that tomorrow so fingers crossed.

  • Hiya, newbie as well! I could write of the exact same situation! Love food, lack of exercise etc etc! My biggest problem is cooking for one, when I lack motivation & it's difficult to prepare good wholesome meals! So any tips would be welcome! Good luck on your journey, let's hope this 12 week plan helps! 

  • Yes fingers crossed to be honest I struggle too as I have too cook two different meals one for patner and daughter then mine it's so hard to not taste test lol. I have started planning my meals and prepping on a Sunday so this week I preppered my weeks lunches I have brought a small pot which I put yoghurt and granola In that's quick and easy so I do on the day. I've also prepared a large fruit salad to snack on or breakfast. And snacks I have prepped cut up veggies for as and when needed I'm hoping it work and helps I'm determined. It's just the exercise for me I need to do something 😀

  • I have to do the same, cook two meals. I am on wk 2 of the plan & slowly getting into a routine. Hopefully with exercise it works. Gd luck x

  • Hello Charlie and welcome, I have been here for 2 weeks and lost 6lb but I'm a veteran dieter and have shed many stones over the years. This time I'm doing it differently, I started trying to lose weight this time in January 2015 and so far i have shed 2 stone 12lb. 

    The difference this time around has been exercise, I focused all my energies on that instead of eating and so far its been a great success. Don't get me wrong, i have fallen off the wagon several times but i have never given up on the exercise. I walk around 3 to 5 miles daily and I use the gym. I can't imagine life without exercise now. 

    I find if i walk before dinner then I don't eat that much. I know its not easy trying to fit exercise in but I would say park at the furthest parking space in the supermarket and walk to the door. Get off the bus a stop before yours. Walk for 10 minutes then turn back, its amazing how quickly your stamina builds and the desire to exercise increases which in turn helps with eating.

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