Feel unmotivated & birthday coming up

Good morning, Im on week 2 of the weight loss plan from today & I weighed myself this morning & I haven't lost anything. I feel like I'm fitter & my body is getting tighter if that makes sense. Feel low & not really motivated. To top that its my birthday this week & my boyfriend is having a small family party on Saturday & now I have to find something to wear & since its my birthday I'm going to be centre of attention & I feel really self conscious. Also does anyone have any ideas for low cal drinks? I hardly ever drink but might have a glass or two since its my birthday! Thanx for listening, well reading, my rant. :-) xx


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10 Replies

  • Don't despair, if you are exercising you will be building muscle which although it weighs heavier than fat is more compact so don't just rely on the scales to monitor your progress use a tape measure too and watch those inches drop off, re drinks white wine and soda is a good one or spirits in a tall glass with slimline mixers, good luck x

  • Ok thanx for the advice. How do I accurately measure my waist? 

  • I usually stand in front of mirror and measure round the narrowest part of what should be my waist lol, I take measurements from all over and re do them once a month

  • Lol ok thank u xx

  • Hello Jaz21 

    My weight goes up and down a lot, I try to focus on monthly trends, I can lose 3 lbs, go up 2, down 2 1/2 etc etc  Please don't despair 😕 If you are following the plan the weight will come off 😊

    Have a lovely birthday 😊 

  • Thank u xx

  • Hopefully you feel better that the first week is down and you have noticed some positive changes.Keep going.I am the same weeek one no change.I would reccomened Gin and Tonics as these are lower than having a glass of wine.Hope you have a lovely birthday.

  • Thank u. Gd luck xx

  • Sorry to hear that you're not feeling too motivated, but it's a good sign that you can feel the physical effects even if the scale hasn't caught up yet. I've been drinking vodka lime and soda for the past few weeks as I found out it's only 76 calories as opposed to 189 in my normal pint of lager - I'm a barmaid  so I can't give it up completely haha. I hope you have a great birthday and manage to enjoy yourself!

  • Thank u xx

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