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Day one....done (as long as I don't snack now!)

Marshmellows......25calores each!!! who'd have thought it! and a French Fancy 108 calories!!! well that's the last time the grandparents are allowed to bring Sunday "treats" for the kids...(I assume that although I am 40 I am still their kid so the "treats" are for me as well)

I have tracked and recorded everything today, and to my amazement I have been honest with myself as to what I have had as well, and although it comes in almost spot on what I should have allowed myself, I am proud I haven't cheated myself, perhaps this in its self could be the secret to my weight loss - honesty.

I have been encouraged by the words of support today from my original post earlier today - thank you I have signed up to apps and read more than I did for my exams!

Just off to cook some wholewheat pasta ready for tomorrow packed lunch - feeling really rather chuffed with myself.

Good luck for the week ahead chaps - or just tomorrow will do. :)


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Well done you! you sound well motivated today, good on you!  it is an eye opener when you realize  the actual  calories in some foods ey!😭 Have a good week☺

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Yeah the app really helps you keep track and motivate you I think x

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