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Decision time !!

Thanks to everyone for your most needed and helpful responses. I have came to the decision that as of when my last 3 cans of diet coke have been guzzled by myself....I am going to stick to plain water. It seems the right thing to do after reading what everyone had to say. Wish me luck!

I hate tea and coffee, have never liked them. I hate hot chocolate too. I don`t like diluting juice ,smoothies or fresh fruit juice. So from now on I am sticking to water and will let you all know at Mondays weigh in, how I feel. This is a really big deal for me. Giving up fizz is like ....well scary! I have drank fizzy juice for all of my adult life, so wow! Yikes! I do still have all my own teeth and if my brain was ever to malfunction, it was due to raising 4 children ( now adults) and not much to do with diet. But thanks loads everyone, it really does help to feel supported and some great ideas.:-)

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Hi Ollio,

I would like to wish you the best of luck with your decision to cut out the diet coke - and stick to plain water.  I really hope you do really well with that goal.  I know you don't like to dilute juice, but a squeeze of lemon or lime in water can be really refreshing - just a touch of flavour that way, so maybe something to consider to add a little touch of flavour to your water - but actually plain water can taste incredibly refreshing anyway, and that's the way I usually have water - i.e. plain. 

I hope it goes well over the weekend, and will look forward to catching up with you on Monday at the weigh-in to find out how you're doing.

Good luck!

Lowcal :-)


Good luck 😀 sounds like your making a really big step. Think about the rewards in the long term. If you can manage this big sacrifice, loosing weight is going to be a doddle!!!! Like we say onwards and downwards x 


Good luck 😊 You can do it!


Hi ollio, well what a big decision.  I have done something similar.  For the last 2 weeks or so, I have been trying to drink more water.  I don't like it really except as a mixer!  It has taken me all that time to build up to 3 pints a day and yesterday I managed 4!  This is as well as my pint pots of coffee and tea.  The way I have done it is to put a pint glass in front of me on the coffee table.  So that I remember to drink it.  I have tried various temperatures, cold and with ice were the first.  But now I have it half cold and topped up with hot water from the kettle.  And that seems to be the one for me.  So my hint is always have your water bottle or glass with you and experiment with different temperatures as that seems to make a difference.  Good luck with your big changes.  It does build your confidence that you can manage your intake as you want.  


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I don't drink tea or coffee either but I always have a lemon tea with a bit of honey (tea bags available from all supermarkets) first thing in the morning-it hydrates you and flushes out your system..I also drink lots of fruit tea which is a change from water..


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