Serious about losing weight


i'm a newbie here and i have 5stone 4lbs to lose to be within a healthy weight range.

i'm 5'1 and weigh 13stone 7lbs :(  I am a mum of two and i just want to be healthy and fit for my children and set them a good example. I want to feel confident again and have shopping for clothes.

i was recently admitted in to hospital after an ectopic pregnancy and i was shocked when they did my weight, I'm drawing a line now things need to change.

I plan on starting the 30 day shred (I've great results from this many years ago) once i have recovered from my op hopefully within the next few days i'll feel better. According to my fitness pal i need to consume 1200 calories and nhs website say 1400 - what would you stick too?

I've downloaded the 12 week plan and I'm really excited to start this journey. I've never felt more positive or motivated and I'm really hoping this forum will help keep me on track!

This was a bit of a pointless post but just wanted to see if there was anyone of a similar weight or situation. 


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19 Replies

  • Hello mum_87 

    Sorry to hear about the recent health issues, hope you coping ok 😕  Not easy to take time out with young children around. But perhaps as you say, this will be your turning point to a fitter healthier you 😊

    You are the same height and weight I was last summer.    what is working for me is achievable goals (5% initially, about 9 lbs) which will make a real difference to your health. I also follow a generous eating plan, I eat 1400 calories, eat all my favourite foods and don't feel deprived. You can cook and eat all the same foods as your family, and create permanent healthy eating habits 😊  As my weight came down I found exercise easier and I am feeling increasingly fitter and more energetic 😊 If I can do it so can you 😊 Wish I had done it years ago 😊 Good luck! 

  • Thank you so much for your reply. It's been a very tough few days but i'll be ok and as you said it will help me be a healthier and fitter me!

    Nice to hear from someone who's been at my weight & height. 

    If you don't mind me asking how much weight have you lost so far and what exercises you've done to help.

    Thank you 

  • Hello mum_87 

    I have lost just over two stone, (in 8 months) but I have arthritis and mobility issues so it is always going to be slow. What is different this time is I am most definitely not 'on a diet' but have learnt to judge portions carefully and generally eat less. I even lost weight on holiday 😊 (A very small amount, but still 😊) Enjoying proper food is really important to me 😊

    Exercise is problematic, so I swim once a week, and do stretches and yoga, walk a little (about 2-3km) 3 or 4 times a week, and recently bought an exercise bike. The exercise part has been the bit I have enjoyed the most, a year ago I could hardly walk and now can manage quite decent distances. 

    However, it is the calorie cutting that is the key to losing weight, you probably have a good idea of what is healthy, but for me it was my portions that were too big. 😕

    Good luck! 😊

  • I have a problem with portion control is so i understand what you mean. It's great to read the plan is working for you, it gives me great motivation.


  • Hi Mum_87,

    A very warm welcome to the Weight Loss NHS community forum.  I am so sorry to hear you've had some recent health issues, and I hope you're recuperating ok.  

    It's great to hear that you have downloaded the NHS 12 week plan, and that you're excited to start this journey.  I hope the forum will help - it's a supportive and friendly place.  We have a weekly weigh-in group on Mondays, if you fancy joining us for that, you'd be very welcome. 

    Also, have a look at the Pinned posts (top right-hand-side of the homepage) for details of various Challenges, and there is a collation of Recipe posts there too.  

    I'd like to give you a link to our Welcome Newbie post, which moreless has put together.  She's a lovely member of the forum, and she's currently away on holiday, but if you want to read some inspiring posts, then I would definitely recommend having a look at her profile and posts, she is doing so well. 

    Here is the Welcome Newbie post:

    Wishing you a great weekend and a good week ahead.

    Lowcal :-)

  • It's not a point less post at all. I think you will find that a lot of us have had some major medical problem which has opened our eyes to our weight problem. I started the 12week programme nearly a year ago and it really worked forme. 

    Why don't you start with 1400 calories and then reduce in stages to the 1200 as your body adapts to eating less calories.

    My big tip is weigh your food on your kitchen scales, I quickly learned that I had absolutely no idea about correct portion sizes.

    Good luck.

  • Thank you so much everyone, you're all so lovely here! 

    Thanks for the tips too & pointing me in the different directions on here! 

    Portion control is also a very big problem of mine so need to combat that first! Going to cut down on my bread as this is a weakness of mine and leaves me bloated but it's such an addiction of mine! 

    Please could you guys tell me where I can find the weekly Monday weigh in bit? 

    Thank you for being so welcoming


  • Hi - the weekly Monday weigh-in post (latest thread) is here:

    But look out for the new post on Monday 18th April - I will be posting that in the morning (from 6.30am onwards) so join in anytime, if you want to!  

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thank you so much!


  • Hi, sorry to hear about the op. I'm also a mum of two & am just starting my weight loss journey. I started the 12 week plan a few days ago & posted on this forum & have been doing the 10 minute exercises from the website and they are really helping me. I can already feel the difference & its only been 3 days. 

    Portion control is my weak point as well & I have learnt to cut down by filling up with fruit & veg. You will slowly get used to the smaller portions. It was making me hungry but I got some good advice from the people on the forum.

    I have also got two diff calorie amounts from both places bt am going midway bt still am eating less than im supposed to but it takes time to get used to it.

    Hope I helped & gd luck :) 

  • Nice to read you already having success with the plan it gives me much motivation and that it is possible to lose weight! 

    can i ask do you include calories of fruit and veg? as I've seen on the plan you can tick off as you have your 5 a day, i was wondering if it was included in the overall calorie counting.

    Thanks and good luck to you on your journey :)

  • Glad I could help! :-) yeah I do include them. I think your supposed to use the tick boxes to keep track if your hitting your five a day. If that makes sense. 

  • great, thank you! x

  • Hi - just a quick note regarding the fondness for bread; can you try and swap sandwiches and toast for Wraps and Pitta breads - no butter or spread needed and you can fill them with a variety of meats and salads. 

    Don't use a bread-maker if you can avoid it as home-made bread is just too tempting.  Buy a loaf that the kids like, and that you don't, if at all possible, and consider keeping it frozen until needed. 

    Allow yourself just one slice of bread/toast for breakfast (e.g.with your poached or scrambled eggs) and then promise yourself to wait for the next day to have any more!  You will find yourself less bloated and your gut will benefit from your efforts.

    Good luck with your new way of life!

  • That's such a great idea and something i had never really considered! i can already tell this forum is going to be a lifeline!

    thank you so much!


  • Hi mum_87 

    Welcome to the forum, I'm totally addicted to the love and support offered here! I'm taller than you and heavier but have about the same amount to lose overall. I'm a mummy to twin toddlers and we're having fun exercising together. I'm doing the 'couch to 5k' program and the girls come with me in the buggy for each run, then on the alternate days I'm doing the 30 day shred. I'm on my last run for week 4 of the c25k tonight and I've only started the shred this week, but I'm already feeling soooooooo much better!

    Be kind to yourself as you recover from your ectopic pregnancy, I'm really sorry to hear about that. Just take it slow as you start out with your exercise, and don't put too much pressure on yourself. The shred is really intense so make sure you feel ready!!

    With regard to food, I'm totally with you about the bread thing. I'm too weak though so I've cut out carbs altogether. Trying to stick to around 20g per day. I would go with 1400cals to start with, then drop to 1200 or fast for a day or two per week, if your weight loss starts to plateau.

    Onwards and downwards my love!!! :)

  • Thank you for your reply.

    That's great that you take the girls with you on your run. I really want to take my 18month old with me when my eldest is at school as it would be easier but i just feel so self conscious and that people might laugh. I know it might be all in my head but i have very low self esteem and confidence hopefully as i shed some weight i might find it easier. 

    I am from tomorrow going to start walking for at least an hour a day and then build up. 

    I did day 1 of the shred today and boy did i forget how tough it was! my legs are aching! 

    Thanks for your kind words regarding my ectopic pregnancy, absolutely  devastated, possibly the worst experience of my life but just taking each day as it comes.

    Good luck on your journey!


  • People are much too interested in themselves to pay any attention to you as you run. If people do notice I bet their first thought is…"good on her, I really should be doing that too!!"

    The amazing feelings of accomplishment far outweigh any embarrassment you feel at the time, and as your fitness increases, so will your confidence, as you start to trust your amazing body again. 

    Remember, you burn the same amount of calories walking a mile as you do running a mile, it just takes a little longer! Do what you can and enjoy every minute xxx

  • Sorry to hear you been unwell, take each week at a time, i started two weeks ago and have 3 and a half stone to lose, i find if your really prepared and planned its better, i been planning for the week, my down fall is snacks, i was eating so much rubbish, but i bought sugar free jellys which i make a batch, they work out 10 cals and they really stop the sweet craving, ive bought flavoured teas which i find you dont need milk and fill you up if your hungry. I been making my lunch the night before and also making overnight oats the night before too, that way its all ready for you so you dont pick, i eat with the family just smaller portions and fill up with lots and lots of salad, also ive been eating more fruit. the 7 min workout app is good for beginners. Good luck we can all do this, i lost 3 pounds last week so made me more determined. take care.

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