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Not losing weight - help!!

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Rickyg83Restart October 2022
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Hello All,

I started exercising about 1 month ago. Mostly weights but have now started adding cardio.

I haven’t even lost 1lb in weight. I’ve lost about 2 inches off my waist. My shoulders, arms & legs are clearly taking on shape…I just haven’t lost any weight.

I am diabetic & take metformin & gliclazide. Could this be why I haven’t lost weight?

24 Replies
N-o-r-d-i profile image

Hello and lovely to see you again.

You sound frustrated about the lack of weight loss, but 2 inches off your waist sounds like a great achievement. Remember that muscle is denser than fat, so the weight itself may not change, as the muscles get stronger and you lose fat.

It also helps when we address what we eat, in addition to exercising. Our food choices influence our weight more than exercises. I hope you will find your way to shift the weight as well, not only inches, but it does sound like you are doing something right :)

Many of us here found that active participation on the forum helps to keep things on track, so maybe it would be useful to join the events and challenges on here?

You can find all the information required in our Pinned Posts:

One of the posts on there is called When Losing Weight is a Struggle, you may find it helpful:

Hope to see you around!

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Rickyg83Restart October 2022 in reply to N-o-r-d-i

Thanks a bunch 😊

I’m feeling motivated & focused on my health & fitness now so will be using this platform a lot more now 👍🏽

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N-o-r-d-iModerator in reply to Rickyg83

great to hear :)

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Welcome back, Rickyg83 :)

With Type 2 diabetes, you may find some useful information for weight loss here

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Rickyg83Restart October 2022 in reply to moreless

great link. I’ll have an in-depth read when I get home this evening 👍🏽

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morelessAdministrator in reply to Rickyg83

Happy reading :)

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HazelP176 stone

Hello and welcome.

My SIS has the same issues she was skinny like a stick when she was a teen and her diabetic made her overweight and a big tummy.

I have watched a YouTube a few days ago, it talked about what insulin does with your body. But have no idea if that is NHS proved and haven't understand what to do instead.

The video is long but I made it start at the correct point where they are talking about insulin and calories.

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Rickyg83Restart October 2022 in reply to HazelP17

thanks a lot. I’ll see if I can make sense of it 👍🏽

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The diabetes suggests to me that your weight is the result of your diet, you need to cut down on carbohydrates but consult with you doctor first as your medication may need adjustment.

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Rickyg83Restart October 2022 in reply to Eryl

I tried a no-carb diet & I felt like sh*t after a few days. Started adding some carbs back in but, through trial & error, need to find the right balance.

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StillEverHopeful2022 November in reply to Rickyg83

with low / no carbs the body goes into ketosis and initialy one can feel rough. Google “keto flu.” I think folk with diabetes have to be careful about ketosis so guess you would need proper advice on whether it’s suitable.

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GrigidModerator in reply to StillEverHopeful

Hi StillEverHopeful, and thanks for joining in here. As you've demonstrated, supporting each other through a weight loss journey can't be beaten. Let us know if you're on your own weight loss journey and we can send you some more information on what's available on Weight Loss Support. :)

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StillEverHopeful2022 November in reply to Grigid

thanks you Grigid . I’ve been “watching” for quite a while & am encouraged by reading about others journeys .

I’m in the process of trying to resolve health issues around hypothyroidism/adrenal/chronic fatigue & started to eat paleo-keto in August and supplements recommended by Sarah Myhill in my quest to feel well again and was pleasantly surprised that not only have I got rid of acid reflux but I’ve lost weight too. Now down from obese to overweight. Had an interesting conversation with a chap who is diabetic & he says he has to make sure he doesn’t get ketosis.

Slipped up this weekend & now got to start the process of eating low carb again.

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GrigidModerator in reply to StillEverHopeful

It's good to hear that you're making some progress now, and congratulations for the move from obese to overweight. Those milestones mean a lot don't they?

I had given you a visitor badge but you seem to be more than that, so I'll change it to a member's badge.

You sound like you've been finding your way around really well without any help, but just in case I'll add a link to all the groups we have running at the moment.

Just join in with any that you like the look of and if you have any questions about them, please shout out.

Good luck 🍀😊

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ErylVisitor in reply to Rickyg83

It takes at least six weeks for the body to adapt from relying on carbs fpr energy. Stick with it.

Blearyeyed profile image

First , I want to say Well Done!

You've just started on your journey to getting fitter not just lighter and to have lost 2 inches from your waist is a successful start that you should be proud of.

Losing inches is a bigger sign of healthy change than losing pounds , especially if you also suffer from health issues like Type 2 Diabetes and take medication which can , as you believe , make it harder to take weight off.

Both Diabetes and certain medications can change how your body stores fat because of the way they affect sugar levels in the blood. They can also cause some water retention . This fat distribution will improve more slowly , but you will lose weight in the end if you keep up the work you are doing and diet changes.

Most importantly, these lifestyle changes will improve your sugar balance and diabetes too. Many people can reverse the effects of Type 2 Diabetes and get off the medication if they keep going with a better diet and regular exercise.

You can lose very little at first if you are changing your diet but reshaping and building muscle mass is a good thing.

The combination of eating less calories than you use and taking regular exercise will show results

If you are feeling like you need a little more help in choosing the right calorie intake , variety of foods , and recipes to keep your meals tempting why not have a look at the Diabetes UK website and their recipes and guidance for the Diabetes recommended 800 calorie , then higher Maintenance Diet plan when you have reached your healthy . It's medically tested and researched specifically to help Diabetics lose weight more easily , but most importantly safely.

Fast 800 diet suggestions by Michael Moseley, free all over the internet are also really good and can fit in with the Diabetes Diet . These ideas , and the Fast 800 exercise suggestions , work well too for anyone with chronic health problems , or on medications that can effect weight.

Eating very few white carbs , no processed meals or snacks, and only the occasional treat that has processed sugar in it can also help a great deal in removing pounds , and keeping off the weight that is caused by chronic health issues too. Drink the recommended daily water amount too, it helps the body deal with change and hydration leads to your body health improving which helps speed up weight loss and shape change, as well as reducing hunger pangs.

Keep it up ,

Rickyg83 profile image
Rickyg83Restart October 2022 in reply to Blearyeyed

Thanks for the positive & supportive reply 😊 I shall definitely look up the 800 cal diets & you are right - losing the inches is more important than losing the lbs. Thanks 👍🏽

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GrigidModerator in reply to Blearyeyed

Hi Blearyeyed, and thank you for your very supportive reply to Rickyg83. That sort of support really helps on a weight loss journey, knowing what others have done and being reassured that you aren't the only one who is finding their way.

If you are on your own weight loss journey you might enjoy the different groups we have here, just let us know and we can direct you to the full list of what goes on :)

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chrisoulaRestart Nov 2022

Hi Ricky83 ===2 INCHES IN A MONTH!!!Great result!Well done!!!

I have the same health problems with you,Im taking trulicity 0.75 inject every week, as I have insuline problems too. I'm writing to support your efforts, and said you :please do not follow fasting diets - like 800 cal per day, without ask your endocrinologist!

I've done it and I have totaly damage my metabiolism. Im now trying hard now to lose weight and is almost imposible --- it is very importartant the exersising ! So you have made a great start with the right way, do not stop!You are in the right direction already!

We know that the diet is very important for loosing weigt but you have to wait.Make a healthy diet and be carrefully with sugar ( in all the food) and maybe your doctor can give you more spesific directions for your diet . Have a nice day!

amykp profile image

Sadly, exercise does not cause weight loss, not unless you are going over the top, like running marathons every day. Exercise is good for you of course (don't stop!) but the only reasonable way to lose weight is through diet.

It's frustrating, but there it is. And I agree--if you are diabetic (have a problem with your insulin metabolism) you might want to consider cutting carbs and also intermittent fasting. It might make you feel uncomfortable at first, as your body breaks its sugar addiction, but that gets better with time.

Rickyg83 profile image
Rickyg83Restart October 2022 in reply to amykp

thanks for the insight. You are right & I do need to pay more attention to my diet - starting today 👍🏽

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When losing weight, a comprehensive approach is important. If it seems that you are doing everything right, but you are still not losing weight, first analyze the parameters of your circadian rhythm. Then pay attention to your diet. Give up snacks and start eating a balanced meal three times a day. Perhaps the twelve-week weight loss program for women, Reverse Health, will help you. If even after that the pounds don't go away, get a medical checkup. The problems can be much more serious, and it is better to find out about them as early as possible.

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TheTabbyCatAdministrator in reply to CersAnge

Hi CersAnge, thanks for your support and welcome to the Weight loss forum. May I ask if you're on your own Weight loss journey or just visiting.

The theory about the circadian rhythm sounds rather complicated, could you explain, please. :)

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Lytham3 stone

Hello and welcome, I see you've been given lots of advice, I don't really have anything to add but I can invite you to join our Christmas challenge which may help? Here's the link, hope to see you there x

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