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The No S diet?

It seems so simple, an easy way of keeping calories down and perhaps controlling my overindulgence in sugar?

The rules are: No snacks, no seconds, no sweets, except for S days

S days are saturdays, sundays, and special occasions

Has anyone tried this before?  I've only heard of it recently but it seems so sensible and a way of controlling calories without manically counting all day?

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Mmmmmm, what about portion sizes? as fat folk we obviously overeat so there may be no snacks or Sugar but the plate could be laden with fatal calories. I could easily eat 2 Scotch Pies with baked beans for dinner and thats 1000cal just for 1 meal. I haven't actually heard of this but there is a plan where people eat clean for 6 days then one day a week they get 2000 calories to eat what they want. This sounds similar 


Think in theory sounds great however, if you eat sugar on these days your body sugar levels may go up and down and not settle which is usually why we crave sweet stuff. I would try to do without for a few weeks then see if you still feel you need it. If you eat enough natural sugars you may lose the appeal , I know I don't really  think about sweet stuff now and I have a cupboard full for the family .A wee biscuit with a cup of tea normally does if I feel left out.


Heh, that is a new one, but I suppose it could work if you were sensible with it.


I am just about managing the "no seconds" part.... but still have to have my dessert or I feel too deprived, even if it is only a low-cal jelly or fromage frais....... and I usually eat my fruit and high fibre snacks for the snack part, so not sure I could exist with that system - but for some folks I am sure it would be an excellent plan!


No snacks, and what of veg, nuts and healthy stuff eh?  You could do more damage by bingeing on s days than you could the rest of the week!  Undoing the rest of the weeks good, madness!

I used to read endlessly about blood type folk, cutting foods from their diets/ lifestyle, due to health issues all very USA based, how to make mock corn bread, and stuff, I know what does upset me and what doesn't, and yes it works, the books and stuff sure worth reading, heavy going tho.

Given that what you say, mean folk link comfort happy times with excess of food, I had to re look at my relationship with food, before I lost weight, the childhood favourites, and why sugar is given to babies to comfort them.

Re examine why relaxing means eating s foods at the weekend, why not just replan stuff, a lighter breakfast, , grill up full English and a very light dinner?

Or a healthier roast, and why do all puddings mean full sugary ones, I let you ponder this info, and re think?


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