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Im 11st 5"3. I'm eating 1,200 calories a day and walking a minimum of 1mile/day. I started 2 weeks ago and haven't lost anything. I'm confused!

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If you are retaining water something as simple as drinking more water might give you a kick start - worth a try.  Good luck

AminaJ in reply to MW50

Thanks, I'm due my 'monthlies' so I'm wondering if that's messing with my actual weight?! I drink quite a lot of water but more won't hurt. 

Hello, have you checked the BMI calculator on here to see what your range of calories can be? I agree re the fluid, you should be drinking lots and of course TOTM can give you anything from 1-7Lb gain. You may well have lost but you just can see it due to the retention.

Your resting metabolic rate is around 1600 calories a day so you should be losing weight. Do you write down everything that you consume, not just the food you eat at meal times, and also any snacks that you might have but not count and anything that you drink, including water as you should make sure you are drinking enough and so tracking lets you know exactly what you are consuming and it becomes easier to identify where the problem may be? 

Oh, and if you drink wine this is very fattening, a bottle of wine can be up to 600 calories so best to go without if this is the case.

Good luck :-) John

AminaJ in reply to kantara71

Thanks John, I'm using an app to keep track of everything I eat and drink. I think I drink lots of water but maybe it's not as much as I think. I try not to drink alcohol anymore for various reasons. I take a few medications which I don't know if they maybe slow down my metabolism. It's frustrating! My husband tells me my tummy looks smaller but he might be being kind ;) 

Have you thot you maybe not eating enough. 1200 is not very much I would work out your calorie requirements for active /non active day from the bmi calculator again you may have put your self into starvation mode. 1400 calories seems more realistic .Its worth a look.

AminaJ in reply to dish70

That's true! I just recalculated my calorie intake on the bmi calculator and it said about 1,550 a day. I didn't really think about my body going into starvation mode. 

dish701lb in reply to AminaJ

That's better , I would try that for another couple of weeks then see what the scale say. I find weighing fortnightly better as if you only lose 1/2 lb or nothing 1 week it can be demoralising but if you lose 11/2-2-lbs in a fortnight it feels better .I only lost 3 lbs in first two weeks but I was so chuffed as it felt like a bigger amount than 11/2each week , I know it might sound a bit daft but it works for me.

AminaJ in reply to dish70

Thanks. I'll see how it goes :)

IndigoBlue61Administrator in reply to AminaJ

My weight losses vary A LOT  . . 1/2 lb, nothing, then eventually 3 or 4 lbs . . . I used to blame monthly cycles when I was younger but still have the up n down weight variations. So, stick with it, perhaps up the calories as 1200 is low, but try to think on a month by month basis 😊 Good luck 

Can it be a thyroid problem?

AminaJ in reply to Latein

I don't think so, but it might be worth my dr checking. 

Latein in reply to AminaJ

I am going through the same stage. I have found out my thyroid is not helping me in this weight loss journey. Hırrrrrrrr

Did you measure yourself at the start?  Sometimes we lose inches when we don't seem to be losing actual weight, and knowing that you have lost those inches can vanquish the discouragement from the scales.  Good luck with upping your calorie amount - I hope this does the trick for you.

I did measure myself but forgot to write it down! Ooops! I'll do it again tomorrow. I hope the calorie increase helps too, I was actually getting so hungry (and grumpy lol).

Sometimes you just can't do it by counting calories.  I have had to go no simple carbs to actually see the weight fall.

Also try high intensity, dance for one track like a loon then rest, and so on.  Or when you are walking, have a 30 second run on the spot to get your heart rate up fast then back down.

Good luck

How long have you been restricting your calories? It took me three weeks before I started to notice anything, someone told me it took a long time to put it on, so don't expect immediate loss! Stick with it, all will come off , I'm 3 weeks in now & im feeling so good, keep it up!

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