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Just got to end of first week.  Was 15 stone 2.8 pounds last week, and 14.stone 11.8 today.  5 pound? Can't believe it!  

Thanks everyone, I have never used a forum before but have found it really supportive . It has reduced the sense of isolation and helped with my motivation.  I tend to give in/give up easily, but this week I have really tried to face up to having choices.  It is me who is putting food in my mouth, no one else.  I have tried to do more cooking using new recipes, and to enjoy the preparation and planning of meals.  I have also allowed myself to have non diet food, even fish and chips and double wafer ice cream, but dliberately not said yes to everything that is going and tried to stay clear of ecning munchies when everyone has gone to bed!  I have done more exercise, eaten more fruit and just tried to be more aware of my emotions and food.  As well as eating when I am fed up, I realise that I eat when I am tired.  Again that is in my control, I can go to bed earlier!

Another thing I have learned is willpower.  I usually just give in but I am telling myslf the urge to eat whatever will pass.  Amazingly I have found that although the urge is intense, resist it and it does recede.

I would not have got this week's result without this forum.  I know it won't always be as easy or as good, but I have learned this week that I can be more in control.

Seeing how much others have lost and how they have managed to keep going, really gives me hope.

Good luck everyone and well done, just by using the forum and sharing, you are on the right path!

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Hi 8876, 5lb, wow that's amazing, well done. Keep it up. 


Good morning Liz 88765 

Such a lovely post, full of positivity, it has really helped me today 😊 Like you, I eat too much if I get tired or over hungry, both of which happened to me yesterday but your post fills me with motivation! 😊

Thank you and good luck for the rest of the week 😊


Hi Anna

Thanks for replying in person.  It is a real boost when someone takes time to do that and to comment on your post.  Your reply helped me feel positive too!

Sometimes it is hard to see the wood from the trees, but sometimes we just have moments of clarity.  I think I am really trying to see that looking after myself is important and it is not a bad thing to look after number one.  Sometimes women have a tendncy to put themselves at the end of the 'to do' list and we need to bump up our priority.

We often make excuses re snacking or not exercising.  I am trying to remind myself that I have choices, yes I am busy and in the short term, eating 6 bags of crisps or a packet of biscuits might make me feel better momentarily, but is that what I really want?  I find this forum helps me put the brakes on and think things through, rather than just opting for the easy fix.  It makes me more aware of the reasons why I eat too much, but also makes me realise how often I also make excuses for it.

Equally it is about enjoying the food you do eat.  Often I think people who are overweight don't let themselves enjoy food - it is all tied up in guilt, or eating in solitude.  I really enjoyed my double wafer cone on saturday.  I savoured it and let myself take my time over it.  Maybe savouring something reduces its calorific value somehow!!!

Don't beat yourself up Anna, just be honest with yourself and use the forum.

Good luck!

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Thanks for taking time to reply cockneyblue, intrigued by the name!  Good luck to you too.

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