Just did a little jig !!!

Yes., I've just had a cheeky end of wk weigh on the scales and I'm down to 11st 13, so happy under 12 stone !!!!! Don't normally weigh until Monday but had a horrible wk this wk making a few bad food choices, fish and chips😯 yummy but very wrong, naughty, naughty. Blame it on the sunshine and being at the seaside ..... just wanted to shout from the roof tops...... yes. Onwards and downwards x


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19 Replies

  • Well done, now lay off the chips....YAY!!!!!!

  • Ha, ha will do. But they were so nice 😀 been very good today. Hope you're little one is better soon. X

  • 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀 well done you 

  • Thanks for all the smiley faces 😀

  • Another woo-hoo from me!

  • Thanks for the woo-hoo 😀 was so chuffed my husband thought I was mad .... ha ha 

  • no food is inherently wrong - only if you eat too much of it. Anyway, if you remove the batter and have it with mushy peas, your meal is free food at Slimming World.

  • Wow, free food even when it's swimming in greasy fat !!!!! I think if I followed slimming world I would be putting on weight 😀

  • Fab loss Claire2stone. Sometimes a cheeky weigh in can keep you motivated. I am sure you will be good all weekend now as you want to see that number on the scales on Monday. Have  good weekend :)

  • Thanks muffin top 😀 I hope my weight loss on Monday will be even more!!! Good luck to you too x

  • I just love that tipping over on the scales into another stone's range.  I bet you were weighing to find out the damage so you could limit it.  What a lovely surprise!  I am a fish and chip fan too.  It can be fitted into any diet as long as you look at portions carefully.  You'll note I said fish and chip not fish and chips!  I found the Fish Fryers Federation website really helpful as I didn't know there were standard portions for some sizes of the fish.  And I just weigh the chips, or estimate, if I'm out.  Mr Flytrap and I have been sharing portions for years.  And we have learned to make the portions the smallest on offer.  I love the mushy peas too.  But lay off my batter.  That and the vinegar and salt is why I'm having fish and chips in the first place.  If I had to choose just the one from the plate.  It would be the batter by itself.  Unreconstructed, that's me.  

  • Mmmmm ... fish and chips, making me hungry thinking about it again. Your right the batter is the best bit 😀 tried to share the portion with my kids but they didn't want hardly any (too busy playing) so ended up eating the lot. Felt so guilty and ur right weighed myself to limit the damage and was very surprised x 

  • Aren't we lucky to get away with it?!!  I pulled the same trick at Easter.                      I was amazed as I don't get away with much this close to goal.   Kids!  If you didn't get them any, they would be shouting.  Can I suggest next time you put them all on your plate and say, I didn't get you any because I know you don't like them.  They are then likely to change their minds and demand their share!  Psychology!  Obviously, if they don't you will have to clear them off your plate, otherwise they will sing eat me to you.

  • My kids are strange, they actually prefer my healthier options so they had fruit salad later !!!! I think I wanted the fish and chips secretly 😀 very naughty I know .... a little of what you fancy does u good sometimes.

  • Yes, kids who see healthy foods eaten every day are much more open to trying them.  And will certainly like some of them.  My son, when he was tiny, used to slip his hand into the freezer to get frozen veg to nibble on.  It was ages before it dawned on us that part of this was because he was teething and the iciness was soothing!  As an adult, he still likes the occasional bowl of frozen peas, which he eats like icecream. When I told the women I worked with that he used to ask for a bag of sprouts as his Saturday afternoon treat, they suggested he might be an alien!  Just someone who loved his veg.  So a little of what he fancied definitely did him good.  Although I love veg too, I still look forward to Friday's fish and chips, every week.  It is my absolute favourite.  

  • Alien 😀 you made me giggle x

  • Yeah, I have just tipped over from 12st too.  I also had fish and chips last night.  12 weeks to my daughter's wedding.  Would like to lose another 7lb before then.  Well done to you.

  • We have parallel lives,  ha,  ha. Good luck with your 7lb you should smash that, need to look your best as mother of the bride 👰

  • Thankyou, and good luck to you too x

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