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20,000 leagues under the sea - 2nd week stats and Steve McQueen joins the crew

20,000 leagues under the sea - 2nd week stats and Steve McQueen joins the crew

Dear Submariners,

Steve McQueen requested he join our crew and I simply couldn't refuse. He looking darn hot in his sailor suit and reminds me somewhat of Daniel :D :D

Our second week in the submarine produced an excellent set of kms - 3,432 kms to be precise, which was an increase of 38.4kms compared to our first week. Overall we have clocked up 6,826.08. Only 73,173.92 kms to go :D :D

We have 62 sub mates on board. Keep up the good work everyone. With spring finally here - lighter mornings and evenings - more chances to walk, run and cycle.

Watch out for the threads this week - a few surprises down in the galley and a few opportunities to double and triple those kms.

Below are the crew that checked-in this week with stats for last week. Your daily average are in brackets. Well done everyone.

Anna61 40.96


Anon-E-Mouse 36.99


Aquamarine 28.4 (4.06)

Asics 52.6


Berylbee 30.62


BlueWings 55.1 (7.87)

Bu-dog 94.26 (13.47)

Carpo 36.51


Catmay 51.9 (7.42)

Cazmaz 70.3 (10.04)

Chubbymummy 111.3 (15.9)

Cooper27 26.25


Darrenchef 50 (7.14)

DonH2 31.96 (4.57)

Elacol 93 (13.29)

Elissy 47.7 (6.81)

Fizzyliz 35 (5)

Flossie 62.4


Foodie 131.47 (18.79)

Fran 35.25 (5.04)

Frankie 32 (4.57)

Garfield 51.2


Gill3000 19.01 (2.72)

Gonti 78.66 (11.24)

Grandad 107.56 (15.37)

Henlady 70.76


JayseeSkinny 110.2 (15.74)

Jesterpuss 23.2


Jog-on-74 210.1


Kars1111 48.51 (6.93)

Keep-on 52.91 (7.56)

Kuddlykathy 11.94 (1.71)

Lottolose 109.68 (15.67)

Lowcal 52.35 (7.48)

Luvleeju 38.53


Lynalla 50 (7.14)

Marianne 24.08 (3.44)

Merrymanda 52.7 (7.53)

Mimsta 98.1 (14.01)

Moreless 140 (20)

Motherpip 15.4


MW68 24 (3.43)

PlumpPhil 75.51 (10.79)

Pollypocket 34.6 (4.94)

Prawncess 15.5 (2.21)

Prettylady 50.8 (7.26)

RafGirl 41.45 (5.92)

Rainshine 54.49 (7.78)

Redx 13.6


Ruthcanalrunner 22.33 (3.19)

Ruth273 31.5 (4.5)

Saga 53.56 (7.65)

Shortcake 30.56 (4.37)

Sprout 40.95 (5.85)

Sueper 26.2 (3.74)

Suzybenj 35.1 (5.01)

Telute 67.85


TheHud 44.8 (6.4)

Tinkle 22.4 (3.2)

Trafford 83.98 (12.00)

Veronicaby 171 (24.43)

Happy travels :) :) :)

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Might he be joined by Robert Redford as he was in the Way We Were? Or ... Being greedy Richard Gere in an Officer and a Gentleman? Can't resist those white uniforms 😉❤️


I'll see what I can do, Beryl ;)


Oooh yes a bit of Richard  my fave, closely followed by Daniel, now if he was in a sailor suit !!!!!! Phew.



Oh yes FizzyLiz, who could refuse Steve? Certainly one for us ladies, are you doing one for the men! If so, might I suggest Honey Rider (Ursula Andress) walking out of the sea? Although that may be a bit 'old' for them, I'm sure you'll come up with someone appropriate. 

Agree with Berylbee, I'm greedy too 😀😀


Nothing wrong with being greedy, Mouse :)


How about Pamela Anderson of Baywatch for the gents? I believe that's coming back onto our screens soon too so may help people be inspired to take up swimming??!

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Love these surprises Fizzyliz.


Oh what a lovely pic, and what a team we are ! Fabulous.( can't do smilies)



We're brilliant Flossie! :)

None of us can do smilies now :(

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😀😊🤗 there you go flossie👍


How come you can get smilies ?? Think it must me my iPad !! 


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Try switching off and on again 👍


Now I'm in heaven!  Not leaving the submarine now so will have to walk round and round to get those Kms in. 


Hi fizzyliz, for some reason my "follow" didn't work so I didn't get the posts!! I've reinstated it and,slightly late 😥😥 here are my steps for last week .... 31,564.😀😀


Hi FizzyLiz, Moreless, LotToLose,  & Everyone,

I love all the stats - they make great reading and it's brilliant to hear we've got so many Adventurers participating in this great Challenge of yours!  Really great! 

Looking forward to another week of underwater exploration!

Lowcal :-)

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Ten fun facts about Steve McQueen

Fact 1

Steve McQueen has four nicknames that he was known for answering to. They are Bandito, King Of Cool, Mac and McQ.

Fact 2

Prior to becoming a famous actor Steve McQueen was in the United States Marine Corps

Fact 3

In 1958 Steve McQueen appeared in his first lead role. This was in the film “The Blob”. After appearing in the film he received offers to appear in dozens of films.

Fact 4 

One of Steve McQueen’s most memorable roles according to his fans is in the disaster film “The Towering Inferno”. Interesting enough he does not appear in the film until half way through it.

Fact 5

In the majority of films that Steve McQueen appeared in, he played a military character or a police officer. This was thought to be because of the way he carried himself and his rugged physique.

Fact 6

He won the Academy award for his role in the movie Sand Pebbles.

Fact 7

In 1955 over 2000 actors auditioned to be part of Lee Strasberg’s Actor’s Studio. Only two actors were selected to take part. They were Steve McQueen and Martin Landau.

Fact 8

Steve McQueen was friends with both Roman Polanski and Sharon Tate. He even visited their home in Hollywood where Sharon Tate would later be murdered by the followers of Charles Manson.

Fact 9

During the 1960’s Steve McQueen was the highest paid actor. Some of his most well known movies are ‘Papillon’, ‘The Magnificent Seven’, ‘The Getaway’ and ‘The Thomas Crown Affair’.

Fact 10

Steve McQueen died following surgery from a heart attack on November 7, 1980


Lots of fun facts about SMcQ - I really liked him in The Great Escape.  Oh no, now I have the theme tune in my head!


Oh me too LTL! I shall never forget the motorbike scene! :)

That's a hellish earworm! Something else I'll never forget! :o


Yes, I've played it twice now - what is wrong with me???!!!

On another subject, how is the exercise/diet balance going this week, Moreless?  I've increased my beans/lentils and am feeling much better and I've only gone over 2 times this week.


I've drastically reduced the exercise and hey presto, no longer tired and hungry. Unfortunately, an old operation site has herniated, so the strength exercises are out of the window too! It's very painful at the mo and I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that it will settle down without surgery!

My weight isn't dropping though, it's just jumping up and down, which is so frustrating! For one day, I dropped down into the 14's, but I've jumped back up! The 15's seem to really want me to stay!

Well done you for finding the answer to your balance :)

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Oh no, a herniated old surgery scar sounds bad.

I hope by Monday you are firmly in the 14s and that exercising differently is the answer.

I have to confess that when I am tired and hungry I am Mrs Grumpy McGrumpypants and anyone nearby gets a hard time of it.  And then I feel guilty. 

Getting the balance right is so hard and seems to involve mostly guesswork on my behalf, these past two weeks have felt the most challenging and I think the running (such as it is) has something to do with it.

I hope the herniated area resolves itself without further surgery and that the pain goes away too.


I agree that the last couple of weeks have been the most challenging of the journey, so far! I seemed to very suddenly slip into something I didn't feel in control of, almost like bingeing. Finding the balance, I think, is going to be an on-going problem to deal with and I just hope we get better at it, as time goes on :)

Fingers crossed for this hernia, it's something I could definitely do without and for getting into the 14's.

Hopefully you'll remain Mrs Happy McHappypants, whizz through the 13's and dive head first into the 12's with no more problems :)

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Fab results :) we'll be 20, 000 leagues and back before we know it!


Hi there I hope this finds you all well. 

Sadly I'm afraid Im going to have to bow out of this challenge. As you already know I moved into my bungalow 2 weeks ago today.  I was here 2 days then got stuck by a sickness poopy bug, so I spent the 1st week asleep and still very weak and dizzy so unable to unpack or do any challenges. ( really enjoyed the last one though so I hope you'll have another I can join in future) 

Wishing you well 😍 xx 


Oh veganista! I'm so sorry that you've had such a rough time of it lately and I'm gutted that you'll be leaving us :(

We've missed you this past fortnight and will miss you for the rest of the journey, but understand that your health must come first.

I hope that you won't be a total stranger to us and will pop back now and then for a cup of tea and a chat :)

I sincerely hope that you'll be able to join us on all our future adventures :)

Wishing you health and happiness :)


Thankyou you are so kind. Yes I'll be popping in for coffee and catch up 😃☕️ 

And I look forward to joining you in other challenges in future!! Xxxx 


Take care veganista :)


Stick around veganista. It's nice to just pop in and chat. Things will all fall in to place when you start to feel a bit better 👍


Sorry to see you go - you're welcome back anytime 😘🐠🐬

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Thankyou FizzyLiz 😃 yes I'll be back I've really enjoyed my time with you all. 

Best wishes and happy travels to you xxxx 


Aw, I am so sorry that happened at such a fraught time, I really hope you are better now.

I have been missing you on here and hope you do pop by and let us know how you are getting on.

Also, welcome to your new home, I hope you settle in soon and feel very happy there.


hi may I join in I gather this is a walking challenge ...off to buy a step counter ....x😊

btw my days brighten with the imagine of a submariner ...ohhh laa laa 😁


Hi modge, we're delighted that you wish to join us :)

Any activity that can be measured in distance ie steps, laps, miles, kilometres, is what's required, so walking, running, cycling, swimming, rowing, dancing etc.

Welcome aboard shipmate, be prepared for the trip of a lifetime! :)


This is a very motivational challenge midge. Welcome aboard. Just remember we are in a submarine so sometimes we have to share 🙊👍


Modge even!! 😡Predictive text.....again!

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Hi FizzyLiz - I'm late again - on a weekend catch-up mission! But I promise I won't keep doing this - I'll aim to definitely post on Tuesday this week. I'm also going to take a look at your weekend mini-challenge :) Here are my stats for the 2nd week. I had to pick off a couple of stubborn barnacles but so far not suffering too much from the effects of cycling and running under water:

Cycling: 20.07km

Running (2 runs): 11.03km

Total: 31.1km :)


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