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Week 10

This week:  weight change -2.5lbs  waist change 0"  1632cal/day  139min active/day  bp 167/85

Pleased with the loss this week, that's 1 stone off in 10 weeks and I'm no longer obese! Less gym this week but two full days of heavy tiling work outside over the easter break, my knees were killing me. Reading the plateau notes for this next week I think I will increase the amount of strength exercise and see what happens. Waist loss seems to go in 3-week cycles, so maybe this week I'll knock another inch off? Short story published on Thursday (Apocalypse Chronicles by Almond Press (Something to tell Jessie)), so no doubt I'll be busy negotiating the film rights? Some hope. Bye 'till next week.

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Hi FB,

Wow, you've had another great week - Congratulations on losing 2.5 pounds - especially on a Bank Holiday week.  Really great!  Fantastic that you're no longer obese.  

Hope your knees will cope with all that heavy tiling work you're doing.  Good luck with increasing the strength exercises, and hopefully you'll be right about that extra inch off your waist this week.  

Congratulations on having one of your short stories published, that's exciting! 

Have a great week.

Lowcal :-)

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Thanks Lowcal, with the knees it was all the keeling that killed them. My Mum told me off for not using a kneeling mat. At 57 I'm still her little boy!  Hope your week goes well.


Wow that is fantastic you lost 1 stone in 10 weeks! Keep going! You are doing great! You using all your muscles for tiling excellent!

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So much for doing more strength exercises, I've been layed low by a dreadful cold for the past two days. Hope to be better for my nephew's wedding on Saturday.


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