Week 1

Week 1 complete,not too bad,cut back on coffee also,purchased some decaff and when out with my friends I bought a Americano instead of latte, the scales do not appear to show much of a loss,1lb but I am still happy as I am eating better this week and preparing  my meals with more thought and awareness of calories and high fat etc etc,its a learning week and may it continue.Thank you all for your supporting imputs and for this site

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  • 1 lb a week is a good loss. Doesn't seem like that when you start but it adds up.

  • a pound lost is good and you will be learning something new every week. Stick to the basics, watch your portion sizes and make sure your daily calorie allowance is correct :-

  • Hi Scrit1,

    Well done for completing week 1, and glad to hear it wasn't too bad!  You've made some great changes regarding coffee - there can be so many calories in the more milky versions.  Americano is what I tend to choose too, when faced with the options.

    You've had an excellent loss - 1 pound is great!  Congratulations!

    Brilliant that you're pre-planning your meals, and hope you have a great week ahead.  

    Hope you're enjoying the weekend too.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thank you,I am thankful to here as this is where I get the answers and great support 

  • It was 10days ago I joined, where has the time gone,I have had a few days with hosp appointments and obviously lost track,sorry 10days not one week.oops . Onwards I go

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