Day one

dieting since i was 15 and heaviest i have ever been today.

hoping this works for me as my health is rubbish now and my body confidence at an all time low.

i know things can feel so juch better so am aiming to turn things around now so i have started on easter weekend as it is god to start with a challenge.

by the way i dont usually make it past lunch time so today should be interesting


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21 Replies

  • lizlialic can do this ....remember plenty of water 6-8 glasses ...and say a mantra to yourself ....Save some household chores to do for when you feel your will pwer is weakening ..and attack it with gusto you,'ll burn extra calories I have started to do one minute burst of exercise eg fast running on the spot when O feel to urge to eat food works for me x

  • So touched you wrote a welcome

    Thank you :)

    Housework sounds excellent idea and much needed!

  • You can do this but by gosh you picked a tough day to start :)  Good on you.  You will get lots of welcomes and advise but don't forget monday is the weigh in day and it all starts there.

    Welcome and happy Easter :)

  • Dear TheHud

    Well done for doing it

    yes...stupid time to start isn't it?

    Thanks for the welcome :)

  • Welcome and all the best for a successful weight loss journey.  This forum is great for keeping you motivated, so join in the fun threads and challenges and you will enjoy the process much more.

    Check out the Welcome Newbie thread, here:

  • Thank you


    I love the names people have given themselves...

    How are you doing?

    I have 64 pounds to lose  :(

  • I love your name too!  You can do it, I have been doing well since I joined here last September.  So far, I have lost 70lbs (5 stones) and I still have another millionty to go, argh.

    The forum is great and everyone is so nice here, you will find it very motivating.

    It is now past lunchtime - you are already doing better than before - yay!

  • Hi lizlilac,

    I find the pounds too much to cope with. Even aged 54 I still did the metric system at school so it's only 29 in kg! I have 48kg to shift before I touch the green zone, although I suspect at 190cm I am a bit taller.

    In previous attempts I have cut out meals (breakfast, lunch) and fasted, ending up really hungry and losing control, being particularly susceptible to large meals in the evening (with nibbles while they were cooking) before falling asleep on the sofa. This time I am taking a much more even approach, trying to split my daily calorie allowance into three fairly closely spaced meals of 400-600 calories, at 0800 1200 and 1700. This seems to be working as I am not left hungry. Outside mealtimes I have nothing. For the duration of the 12 weeks I am also cutting out alcohol to kickstart my weight loss  but I am hoping to reintroduce that in moderation as part of a long term healthier lifestyle.

    I am cutting out those refined carbs  that were my big downfall and carefully weighing smaller portions of the wholegrain carbs that contribute to my meals as I used to bulk these up. It helps a lot that I enjoy cooking and am currently not working (part of my work used to involve healthy eating advice!!!!). The NHS is noticeably full of overeaters!

    Exercising is difficult as I am so heavy, and couldn't face a gym or (arghhh!!!!) a swimming pool. Luckily I have the time (and have sold my car) I cycle a bit every day, even if it's just to the supermarket (for more veg!). Hopefully I will get faster!

    Just go for it. Let's see how we do for the 12 weeks. We deserve a break. We have spent too long loathing ourselves. Even after a week I feel just a bit better about my self.

    Sorry for going on, but I find it cathartic to type my thoughts out. I wish you well with your quest.

  • Good morning

    Feeling a little bit better about ourselves each is not a lot to ask is it? But sometimes I know I get swamped by negativity.

    I am sure the cycling will make a huge difference

    All strength to you

  • Hi lizlilac. Well done for making the first start to becoming healthier and more confident. There is so much information and support on here I hope it will help you stick with the plan and reach your goal. You can do this!

  • Hi Lizlilac,

    A warm welcome to you and it's great that you've joined the Weight Loss NHS Community.  I hope you'll enjoy being part of it, and do join in with anything you like the look of, there are different challenges going on, and also a Monday group weigh-in too - see the right-hand-side of the homepage for the various Pinned posts and Events section for the Monday group weigh-in.  We are having a weigh-in as usual on Easter Monday, so maybe join us there if you fancy doing so.

    Hope you have a great week and an enjoyable weekend.

    Lowcal :-)

  • You CAN DO THIS !  I too was overweight , since age 13 even. Yo-yo dieted through my twenties....gained then lost again after two babies in my thirties....,. Relaxed and enjoyed the good life in my forties/fifties and gained over 2 stone. Eventually saw the light age 61 and with the help of this Nhs site and myfitnesspal, I slowly,  steadily lost 2 st. I firmly believe that slowly is good,  it took me a year but I havent regained it and have stayed at my target weight since last april. DONT EXPECT INSTANT MIRACLES,  CHANGE JUST ONE OR TWO  BAD HABITS AT A TIME AND AIM FOR A POUND A WEEK. Any more is a bonus. Lots of support on here 😊😊😊

  • Dear Everyone

    Thank you for the lovely welcome

    I have made a huge peppery soup and am drinking it all day

    Could not believe I had eaten 1400 cals already by lunchtime then realised I had counted bread wrong...twice the amount of cals

    so some cals left for tea but not a lot...only 400

    How do people do it?

    I spose writing everything down helps

    I really mean to do it this time and it is encouraging to hear there are others like me who have a shedload to lose

  • Yep, that's the way....  weigh it, calculate it, write it down . Or use an app like myfitnesspal, I used it daily on my weight loss journey,  it has been my saviour ! Even since I reached target I still use it to log my intake ( roughly) every few days and to catch up with 'pals'. 

    Same on this site, lots of support the whole journey through plus good tips, recipes etc. Good luck .😊

  • Thank you Elliebath

  • End of day one...

    well... I have eaten about 1700 calories and walked to the shop to buy Easter eggs...ah  gotcha....they are for my kids!

    I know I am over 1400 cals but it is still a lot less than I would normally eat so here goes to day two..busy day tomorrow so should earn some activity points

    good night all

  • That's  great, every day is a day forward!!

  • Really it can work. Plan out a menu and think one day at a time. Lots if nice people here for you.

  • Thank you Aqua-marine

  • lizlialic did you do the bmi tracker as it gives you how many calories to aim for .

    as I am very overweight my calorie intake is over 1600 ...obviously this will change as the weight comes of.

  • Hi Modge

    yes I did do the bmi tracker I am a BMI of 32.5 but I did not realise that changes the calorie allowance...I will go back and read it pronto

    Late night last night and only just find to my horror it is actually an hour later than I thought it was

    Ok late breakfast

    Early dinner

    Thanks for your helpful reply Modge

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