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Ready meals

Been meaning to post this. Have tried a few calorie controlled ready meals and thought I'd share the ones that I thought tasted nice/were filling. Don't plan to share the ones that tasted like wet cardboard as I'd rather forget them.

Tesco- healthy balance saag chicken with potatoes, healthy balance Indian takeaway, healthy balance salmon, healthy living steam chick tikka masala

Marks and Spencer - count on us shepherds pie, pork loin, chicken in red wine (currently 3 for 10)

Morrisons - NuMe Spinach and Cherry tomato risotto.

Weight- watchers - chicken and lemon risotto (although the chicken pieces are a little dry), salmon and broccoli, chick hotpot (meals not so filling but I like flavour).

Sainsburys - be good to yourself chicken biryani and chicken chow mein

Bit disappointed with ASDA range so far - will keep you posted :-)

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How do we measure what micro-nutrients remain after processing? Our bodies do, in that they let us know that, despite all that energy, we are soon hungry again because the meal didn't provide what we needed?


I think ready meals have their place in a busy life. We have one probably every couple of weeks if we have a really busy day.

I can recommend Low Low chicken tikka, which you can get from Asda or Morrisons. They do other meals but I haven't tried them yet.


Updated with a couple extra


Updated with a couple more


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