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This week: Weight change -0.75lbs Waist change 0 1707cal/day 129min/day activity BP 148/97

Another very busy week. Only one trip to the gym because my left knee was playing up. I had 3 operations on that knee, so I know when to rest it. Went to the gym tonight, no problem. Started work on my new tiled area at the weekend. Had to grind and chisel a ridge in the concrete base. Aiming to get the tiling done over the Easter weekend, weather permitting! Once again it was the wekend which slowed the weight loss, in fact on Saturday morning I weighed 3lbs less than this Monday morning's weigh-in. Perhaps I should just work the weekends?

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Hi FB,

Sorry to hear your left knee has been playing up, and it's good that you're resting it, and that you managed to cope ok with the gym session. You've clearly got that balance right, and know your knee well. 3 operations is quite a few!

Good luck with the tiling over Easter, and it's great that you're lost more weight. I know you weighed 3 pounds less on the Saturday morning than you did on Monday, but your stats are changing for the better, and you're doing really well.

Hope you have a great week ahead.

Lowcal :-)

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