Problem posting

Hi. I've been trying to post in the weigh in morning thread all morning on both my iPhone & laptop but with out success. So before I throw both out of the window I'm hoping if I post here some kind person might be able to put it in the thread. 😊 I have lost 1 pound since last Monday. Was disappointed but then thought I have been a bit hit & miss. So this next week I'm hoping for 2 pounds. This is my first weigh in

Thank you


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6 Replies

  • Hi Suzie54,

    I will copy and paste your result to the Monday group Afternoon/Evening session thread, and sorry to hear you've had difficulty posting there today.

    Congratulations on losing 1 pound this week, that is really great!!!!

    We'll be doing the weigh-in as usual on Easter Monday, so hope you have better luck posting there next week.

    Have a great week.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Ooh! Easter! Bad time for a chocoholic like me😊 I shall do my best to stay in control

    Thank you for sorting my post out

  • I whole pound! Well done, I rarely lose any more, it's a long term shift you're looking for and the first few weeks take some time to get into the swing of things 😊

  • Hi Anna. Thank you. Must admit I was a bit disappointed with a pound. But as you say I have to look at things long term, it's a life change not a quick fix, taking me a long time to realise that. Today has been a much better day, I feel as though I've been much more in control.

  • I can take quite a few weeks to really get the hang of things, my weight loss was erratic to begin with, then just when I thought I'd cracked it my son got married, I got quite carried away and managed to gain a lb 😕 But I learnt from it and have either lost or maintained ever since. You will get there 😊

  • Hi all, my second week and have lost another 3lb so that's 7lb in 2 weeks. I'm know it's because I've been given a health warning by the Dr so I think that's my motivation. I really hope it continues.

    I look on this site every day for motivation and ideas.

    I need to lose about 5 stone, I know this is just a small bit so far and I've tried all the usual clubs but I enjoy you all being there with your advice and caring. Thank you.

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