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No Change

Well after my weigh in this morning I have stayed the same as last week . Not sure that I did anything different, but very conscious of weight loss slowing down. I am hoping that this is the case and I haven't got to my plateau? I intend to drink more water next week. Also re-evaluate my calorie intake. I don't want this to happen more than a couple of weeks. Still very positive about it all, and look forward in reading all the forum posts that always encourages me. Hope you all have had a good week.

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It's a good idea to re-evaluate your intake to account for changes in body composition/weight loss.

You may also find it beneficial to increase your intake of natural fat to a level that maintains your weight one or two weeks each month, to prevent homoeostasis slowing your metabolism in response to perceived starvation (resulting in a plateau).

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Hi Concerned, yes good idea regarding natural fats. I do believe that your metabolism is supposed to decrease as you lose weight. I suspect the homoeostasis is the maintenance of a constant internal body. Not sure if I am maintaning 100%. Anyway will adjust what I think might help and fingers crossed. Thank you for your help.

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There could be a number of factors causing the slow down:

Sometimes it just happens for a week or two, then gets back to normal again.

I found myself under-counting calories last week and realised how I was deceiving myself, could this have happened for you too?

The body gets efficient at the level or type of exercise you are doing. I know you do some regular walking, so wonder if there is something else you could incorporate into your exercise regime? How about a yoga class or something?

I hope the scales buck their ideas up and you get to see some movement next time.

Good luck and fingers crossed!

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