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Guilt Trips

One thing which I have picked up on is how people get so worried about how well they're doing, or because their weekly weigh in is due. It really is quite sad. :-(

I can't say that I haven't been upset about my creeping waist line, or increasing weight appearing on the scales; but at least I could say that I've only myself to blame. Although I've lost weight in the past (and then started to indulge again putting the weight back on), I actually found I was quite excited and looking forward to see if I'd lost anything. If I'd lost more than a lb or two, then I was mega-chuffed. If I'd put a bit of weight back on then I'd obviously feel deflated or at least could identify what may have caused me not to loose. The dreaded time of the month, the nibbles, going out, etc

I appreciate we're all different, and not just in weights and measures, but surely no one should send themselves on guilt trips before we've even got to the scales?

I don't have an answer to this question, but maybe a different approach to the lead up to your weigh in? By making it a positive one could relieve some of the stress, and we know that we all suffer too much stress from other sources without adding to it.

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I think if we do the things we can to improve our health (for our individual circumstances), then we should be accepting of ourselves, enjoy what we do, and if we lose weight (and that was our intention) that is a bonus.


Well put!

We should get away from this whole notion of weight and eating as a moral issue.

I find it helpful to weigh every day which shows me how much my weight fluctuates and that it can take a while before the impact of effort (or lack of effort) shows up. I have nothing invested in it, it is just part of the daily routine.

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Unfortunately the media doesn't help. Everywhere you go there are programs or magazines with advice from experts telling overweight people to diet for their health's sake.

Society tends to be very judgemental so it is not surprising guilt is a part of being overweight for some. I think there are a lot of factors involved.

Fortunately we this forum to turn to for support and extra motivation


That is soo true, i cannot stress enough that weight lost is a looooong journey. unless one goes on one of those lose quick scheme. and we all know the results. lose quick. put straight back on quicker. I was 21st in January 2016, and i was anxious to see it come down. in the first weeks i was losing weight, and suddenly i stop losing weight. It happens, and i can't lie, i was a bit deflated, but i pick myself up and say, i will not give up. I knew what caused me to gain the weight in the first place, i have stopped all that, and up my exercise. eating less, and three meals daily, and slowly but surely i can feel a difference in my close fitting me. I have appointment to see my dietitian nurse, and i will weigh then, and keep to the programme. hopefully i reach my goal. No point adding more stress to stress, especially over something that we need to just continue doing. Be encouraged, the fact you have made a start to a healthier you. That alone is a massive progress. try reading up on nutrition, and such like. little by little you will see results.


Hi. I weigh in with Weight Watchers. Last week I was just sooo excited. After a good week I was hoping for a good loss this time. I was so disappointed to find I had gained half a pound that I almost wept. I am now going back to just doing the best I can and try to be stoical on weeks like that. This site is great because I read all the new posts whilst I have breakfast which sets off the day in the best possible way. Good wishes to everyone on this nice Spring day.


I can relate to the anxious build-up to the weekly weigh-in you talk of and thats why i now weigh daily- so its taken the power back from the scales...

but i do think you need to remember that were all losing weight for different reasons and obviously some people will place great importance on their weekly progress i know i for one am one of those individuals because for me this change is so much more than losing weight- this is my spring board to a new life, a new outlook and new possibilities, this isnt about losing a few pounds this is about me taking charge of my life so to reach my weekly target is of paramount importance and although sometimes i dont get the numbers i want- i accept that variables occur and it encourages me to work smarter and harder : )


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