I have spent the last couple of days planning and preparing healthy meals and snacks it hopefully means I won't go looking for high fat or high sugar snacks, I got loads of salad veg and boiled egg whites sliced chopped and individually placed in tubs in the fridge, so all I have to do now for my lunch is decide which meat I want to have then load up a granary roll with as much as fresh salad veg as I want. it has been brilliant and so easy


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  • Love the photo 😊

    And agree totally, it's about organisation and preparation 😊 I have my evening meal all prepped in the afternoon so when I get in from walking the dog, tired and sore, I just turn on the oven/steamer whatever 😊 Tonight is new potatoes with veggies (in Steamer ready) and ham 😊

    Onwards and downwards!


  • I agree forward planning is the answer. I also like a toasted pitta with salad and bits & pieces stuffed inside for lunch. Also use wraps too for a change from bread which can be a bit bloating. Today we had a 1/4 of a tortilla (spanish potato omelette) with chorizo sausage in a tomato based sauce on top with some left over veg, from tesco's Al Fresco range - its good to ring the changes, so long as everything is counted and doesn't use too many calories.

  • I really enjoy an omlette burito for a change for lunch, spread some salsa on a soft flour tortilla wrap then make a 2 egg omlette with onions peppers and mushrooms place on the wrap roll and eat, so filling and delicious

  • ooh must try that one!

  • Oooooh sounds good!! 😊

  • Now that's something to try at a weekend for brunch/lunch.......

  • It really is delicious and very filling

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