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ihave only just started and I need as much help as possible

I need mostly help with planning a day of food I do not get out and about much to shop for special food.

I cannot walk far and have no transport of my own.. so others shop for me. my weight now is12st, 6 would like to get it down to at least 10st..so any help would be gratefully received.. the weight loss would certainly help with my walking

many thanks tilly jean,,

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Keep a food diary. It's the best way to get a handle on what you are eating. Make small changes and don't go nuts dropping all your favourites at once. I had taken honey in my coffee for over 30yrs but the week I changed to sweetners I lost 2lb. It took a week to get used to the taste but now I'm ok.

Try the change for life website for food ideas and recipes. I now make my own potato wedges instead of oven chips. I add red lentils to minced beef for spaghetti bolognese, it makes it go further and means less saturated fat.

Small changes, try one a week, see what works.

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Hello Tillyjean

I began losing weight to help my mobility (if you click on my name you can read my story) several things surprised me

- just a small loss of 5% (about half a stone) will make you feel so much better.

- it doesn't have to be a drastic starvation "diet".

- eat normal food (including all your favourites) but limit the amount. This is where some knowledge of calories is important. Although I always ate healthy food and don't have a sweet tooth I was eating too much, 😕

Most of the people on here agree that we are looking for a permanent healthy eating plan, with slow but steady weight loss. As you lose weight you will find movement easier and your mobility will improve making gentle exercise easier 😊

Good luck!


Ps The plan I follow counts 'portions' rather than individual foods which I find easier, (you can find details on the British Heart Foundation website under "fact sheets:weight loss" )


You won't need special foods, but you will need to keep track of what you eat. For example, I found I was eating far too much breakfast cereal - a 40g portion is barely half a bowl! However, if you top it up with banana or blueberries and some yogurt, it doesn't look quite so small.

A lot of it is pschological - you need to see a full plate; but full of salad, coleslaw (homemade, with small mayo mixed with nat. yogurt & pinch of curry powder), tomatoes and small portion of meat/fish/cottage cheese etc

For desserts, use yogurts, low cal mousses, pancake with fruit inside, baked apples etc

Watch what you drink - use herbal teas, skimmed milk in tea and coffee, half the hot choc amount, dilute alcoholic drinks with soda water etc

Lots of excellent recipes available online. A little planning goes a long way! Good luck!


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