Daily intake

Hi everyone

Day 4: today went really well too :))

So for breakfast I had 3 weatabix pieces and some soya milk (280 cals) then for dinner I had a houmous and celery sandwich and because I fancied it, a packt of salt and vinegar crisps (538 cals). Later I had a ginger and lemongrass fruit tea and a coffee.

Finally for tea I had a cheese omelette with sauce (344 cals) which was so yummy and filling.

I made sure I had the 2 litres of water again and am definitely feeling the benefits in my skin's appearance :)

Here's hoping I can keep going till the end of the week :D


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29 Replies

  • well done. Good to see benefits in skin too. I am 3 days without bread and its not bothering me at all. Am enjoying omelettes too. Keep going, lets get the weekend over us with good results.

  • Thank you and good on you, it's so difficult for me to get rid of bread as it's incorporated so much in my meals so I'd been making sure I only had 2 slices per day until this loaf is finished and then I'll either not have bread or get gluten free bread :)

    Thank you and same to you! :)

  • Hi Kat, well done on another good day and it's great that things are going so well for you.

    If you could eat some fruit and veg you would see an even greater improvement in your skin and health generally. I know it's difficult if you don't like fruit and veg but eating them makes losing weight so much easier as they fill you up and contain very few calories.

  • Hi :)

    I normally eat a lot more fruit and veg but as I go home next Friday and am trying to use all the things I have, I wasn't wanting to buy in more stock but yes definitely that would be more beneficial for me :) thank you very much!

  • Hi Kat, that's great.

  • Thank you! :))

  • Kat96

    You all over it !!! Keep up the good work xxxx

  • Thank you very much! :)) xxxx

  • Keep up the good work Kat96 ! Enjoy your weekend too !

  • Thank you and you too! :)

  • I kept bread in my diet all the way through to losing my excess 2 st. But I ate less bread than previously. I switched to small Hovis wholegrain and kept it frozen just for toast ( a slice or two maximum) to have in the morning with eggs .... omelettes, scrambled, poached, boiled. ...eggs in the morning gave me a filling protein start to the day and I rarely needed to eat again until at least lunchtime if not later. Someone gave me the tip to try and eat at least 40% of my daily 1300 calories in morning, and it worked for me. Then my evening meal was smaller, still the same as the family but smaller helping. I have kept a similar routine going and have maintained my healthy target BMI of 23 for the past year.

    " Go to work on an egg" was an advertising slogan years ago, and it makes good sense 😊😊

  • I have kept my bread intake to a minimum, maybe a couple of slice a week. I also eat more at lunch time or breakfast than at night. Night maybe just small amount of meat or chicken or fish and veggies. Sometimes just veggies. It works well for me. I have lots of energy during the day, then can relax and I sleep well at night.

  • Hi nhs2015

    They do say don't they to try and have your last meal as your smallest because of digesting the food

    I try to make sure the last meal of mine isn't anywhere near as big as what I used to have as a portion size, all my food for my meals tend to fit into a small bowl or on a saucer and it seems to be helping :)

    I'm glad this is working for you :))

  • I love eggs so I might use this and see how it works for me one day :)

    I always try to have no more than 2 slices of bread per day as it flares up my IBS but then I'll switch to gluten free bread or cut it out for a while :)

    Thank you for your advice,I will definitely take this into consideration

  • You are doing well Kat96 (though I'm not sure about the crisps, I prefer cheese and onion lol). Keep it up, the water is great. I always drink between 2000 and 3000 litres of liquid (not necessarily water) a day.

    Enjoy your diet and you are far more likely to stick with it x

  • Thank you, normally I would have cheese and onion but they're too good so the kind of crisps I wouldn't be able to stop eating aha

    Thank you very much and same to you :) x

  • Has anyone got a good recipe for omelettes....... mine somehow seem to look like a carcrash LOL!

  • Lol yes mine sometimes do but I've found those ones often taste better than the perfect ones! ☀️

  • Hey

    I just use 3 eggs minimum, so cracking them into a jug or something and mix them and then add the cheese or whatever I want with it and mix that in, the pour into a heated frying pan and keep it cooking on medium heat and then flip it over when the other side is cooked :)

    Hope this helps

  • I find a 2 egg omelette enough. Crack eggs and add seasoning beat them briskly. Then pour into non stick pan with a little low cal coconut spray . When its cooked, then put in grated cheese,or shredded ham, or cherry tomatoes on one side of the omelette, fold the other half of omelette 0ver to cover cheese etc. then turn over to cook the other half. scrummy!!

  • LOL :-)

  • You will keep it going as you can feel the benefits already :-) Made me feel hungry now, reading through your meals ha ha. The weekend is coming and that is a time when some find it hard to continue the good work during the week so be strong and say no to temptation! :-) John

  • Hi John

    Aha thank you, I'm glad my meals sound appetising :) I have definite determination to keep going, I'm so excited for the Monday weigh in so I'm not backing down

    Thank you very much :)

  • Hi, I have decided to take bread out of my diet for a while and replace it with crackers bread is to tempting for me.I love cereal and tend to have them at night instead of a meal. I still struggling with excersice only walked 4 miles yesterday.muesli for breakfast today salad for lunch it would be a late lunch so it will be fruit for tea.I don't know how I'm going to fit exercise in today on a mid shift.

  • Hi cathhouse

    That's a good idea, I need to start swapping things to help loose weight but with things good enough that I won't miss

    4 miles is a long walk so don't feel bad about that at all,that's great! :)

    Your meal plan for today sounds fine so even if you don't manage to fit exercise in I think you'll still be okay so don't worry :)

    Good luck to you :)

  • Hi Kat,

    I think your hummus and celery sandwich sounds like a lovely combination of flavours, I think I'll give that a go sometime. I love cheese omelette too - it can be so flavourfull.

    I'm so glad you've enjoyed your day and it's great to hear you've noticed some improvements in your skin appearance too.

    Wishing you a great Friday and I hope you have a lovely weekend.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Hi Lowcal

    Thank you very much and yes I highly recommend it, it's delicious

    And thank you very much and same to you! :)

  • It can be difficult cooking omelettes without any oil or butter. In a good non stick pan, 1 tsp or half a tsp should be enough, but heat it and swirl it round the pan, so you get no sticking points. Gently unstick the outside of your omelette, when it is done enough for you. I tend to use a palette knife for this. Once you have learned to do it with a teaspoon of oil, you can cut the oil further, until you find the minimum you need to unstick it using your pan. I can do it with less than a quarter nowadays, or even a few squirts of fry light etc. But I had to learn to do it. It also helps if you don't stir it like scrambled egg, treat it gently!

  • Well done that's what I need to do. Stay positive good luck X

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