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Week 7

This week: Weight change -1.75lb Waist change 0" 1567cal/day 121min/day activity

It was the weekend that did for me once again, I put on 2lb since Friday despite spending 3hrs on Saturday canvasing for the Leave EU crowd and then 5 hours on Sunday painting outside. I dropped the calories and increased the activity. Could it be the two glasses of wine? OK, so that is my target for this week, no booze at all. Still at a BMI of 30.3 so almost out of the obese range, perhaps another goal for this week.

My short story is now available for pre-order on Amazon Kindle: 'Apocalypse Chronicles, Almond Press'. Don't worry, it's nothing to do with dieting!

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It sounds like you are very active at the weekend and two glasses of wine aren't a huge calorie count, but if ditching them gets results, then you have hit on a solution.

Good luck for a better result next week!

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