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Morning All,

This is my second week but first weigh in. Felt a bit odd doing it last week as I've never done anything like this before. Felt a bit like first day at a new school....despite being 47! Anyway....

Weighed in at 17 stone this morning. I have two main targets:

1. I'm on blood pressure tablets and have been for over fifteen years. I'd like to reduce the strength of these then get off them altogether.

2. I'd like to lose two, possibly three stone by September as I'm doing a 65-mile charity bike ride and will be so much easier if there's less of me!

My weight tends to fluctuate between 16 and a half - 17st, so my aim for this week is for a two pound loss. Maybe trying to steer clear of carbs but more likely just putting less food on the plate. I'll see what the next seven days bring!


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Lovely to hear from you and it does get easier😃

I do like your goals and it sounds like you are in a good place.

Enjoy your week and catch up next week


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