Wot no chips!!!!

Wot no chips!!!!

Just made a curry only chicken breast and a small amount of rogan josh sauce , 100 gr of rice and a bowl full of mushrooms fried in fry light ( garlic) --i thought about the chips 😱 then thought about Mondays weigh in 😉 so I'm making far better choices , and it's thanks to everyone on here for your support 👍 don't know any of you but love you all xx


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16 Replies

  • Excellent :)

    You are very lucky Nuttynanny, even before my diet there is no way I could even touch ready made sauces, calories, sugar, fats, additives, indigestion lol nor could I eat fried mushrooms or that much rice lol. You will have no problems losing that weight ;)

    However, if it's not shifting you have room for movement, perhaps look at not using even light fry and check out the calories in that sauce, probably packed, be honest with yourself on how much of the jar you used. Add veg, onions, broccoli, anything in with the meat. Needs veg, needs complex carbs :)

    I suspect you have worked it out then you know for next time :) I am guessing for a bit of a game, you tell me how far off I am, be kind ;)

    Rice = 100g dry is 365cal cooked is only 100cal

    Chicken = 300cal for a large breast piece without skin

    Sauce = 100? could be a lot more.

    Mushrooms = not much, but you could shift another 60 without oil because mushrooms soak up everything.

    If you are losing weight and happy with your food it is working ;)

    Well done on the reduction


  • 100 gr chicken breast ,60 gr rogan josh cook in sauce ,100gr uncle bens rice , and a cup of mushrooms fried In 5 sprays of garlic fry light , easy and hardley any effort , I don't like cooking , what do you think THEHUD -- I had a full salad with ham and egg for lunch as well xx

  • Fry light is only 1 cal a spray! I think you did well x

  • You are cooking on gas ;)

  • Well done NN and it looks delicious too! The ready sauces are OK so long as you check the calories and weigh out what you use, in fact much better than the ready chicken curries with rice sold in the supermarkets where they can stack up a whopping 800 calories plus ! :-)

  • Hi, yes I only had a small amount of the sauce and I counted it in calories , I've tried making my own and it's a lot of fiffing and faffing about , as I have 13 stone to lose I can get away with the ready made sauces , I chose rogan josh as it was lower than most , I was pleased with the result , we will see what Monday morning brings lol xxx

  • ah yes the weigh in!! I am sure with your determination you will succeed in shedding the extra weight. I like your idea of using a small amount of ready made sauce to get the curry kick and being able to calculate the calories too. I will be giving this a try out next week, have a good Sunday and fingers crossed for tomorrows weigh in ;-) John

  • that looks lovely

  • Looks good to me! Well done 😊

  • Hi Nutty,

    This looks like a great meal and a sensible amount of calories for you.

    It is so important to be able to maintain the change learn term when you have a lot to lose so try to eat up to your calorie limit.

    As you lose you'll have to reduce your calories so if you start out eating too little it will make it hard you reduce them more as you go along.

    Make sure also that you are eating meals that you can enjoy learn term and add them to your weekly menu.

    Glad you are making sensible choices and enjoying the changes - keep it up and before you know it you will see some great results :)

  • Thanks everyone all the advice is amazing and makes sense xxxx

  • Your meal looks lovely and I'm sure it was very tasty nuttynanny :-)

  • I agree your meal looks amazing. Rogan josh is lower in calories because it's tomato based rather the creamy - this is the advice the NHS 12 week plan gives too. I also had rice for dinner last night. I used a Tesco sundried tomato pasta sauce added to roast veg and had salad on the side, delicious :)

  • Well done, you are on the right track. I have reached my goal weight now, but I often use readymade sauces too . However, the rice and pasta can often be misleadingly high in calories unless, like you, we stick to a small controlled portion. ( and no naan bread or garlic bread 😕) . But one tip that works for me is to also add a generous helping of healthy green veg such as Kale or Spinach ...it gives bulk on the plate and when mixed in with some sauce, you dont notice the lack of carbohydrate , it is also good for you!

  • well done - I have managed to make healthier meals - soups mostly but now need to address portions and puddings as weight is now same for second week (comfort food)

  • What a pretty plate you produce. Too tempting by far for someone who has eaten what I have today! Off to bed now to get away from the kitchen.

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