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Was that a blip?!?!

Hmm; had a lovely 11.2 on Monday, 11.4 yesterday and today again. Surprised it wasn't worse actually .... on a course and lots of bread lunches. Crashed in the evening (have weird sneezing, coughing thing going on which I now think is an allergic reaction to something but don't know what, but feel awful and can't exercise) and ate a pink Raspberry magnum (like a drug to me, my OH put some in the freezer then went away!) cheese, bread, crab pate, you name the high fat/carb combo and I ate it at 9pm last night... WHY? WHY!!!!!?!?!

Hopefully this confession will help me do better today....

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I'm sure today will be better for both of us. Your "Why,why?" made me smile so much :-)

I guess the answer is, if we weren't tempted by the high fat/high carb foods we wouldn't be here but one of those effortlessly slim and healthy people!

I too had a bad day yesterday (not my first!!) but today is another day - lets go!


Yes. Indeed! Every blup/slip is just that; temporary and to be moved past/through! Tks for replying!


Hi Frankie53,

Wishing you a better day today. Not sure what your coughing/sneezing reaction was about, but hope you feel better today.

Lowcal :-)

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