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Weight misery

So here it goes

Constant battles with the weight

I see the door that shows my hate

But if I choose the door that smiles

I know my life will change with miles

It's about making choicest that are right and changes slowly which over time Will make a difference

When we want to be slim we want a quick fix and if I could take a pill or potion even a cigarette that would make me thin tommorow then I would do it

My point is that weight and how u feel about your self and the cycle that we go through as start off good eat well whoops binged ! Binge again! What's the point ! Eat more ! I hate myself ! Is I'm sure what most of us here have felt at some point in our dieting days !

It is not a quick fix to eat healthy it is a long term life plan and sometimes mood life and sabatages get in your way !!

Positivity is the key and the way forward and the forum is one because without that and knowing everyone on here understands then I will get through the dark days and see the light !!

Maybe you know where I am coming from but together we can do this and not let our goals end

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