Around the world in 80 days - Please post your steps/kms/miles for Monday 15 February (Part 2)

Around the world in 80 days - Please post your steps/kms/miles for Monday 15 February (Part 2)

Dear Travellers,

I hope everyone has had a step-filled day.

We are breaking the week in gently with stunning sunset in the Solomon Islands. Ricky will be joining us tomorrow. Tonight its yoga on the beach, jasmine tea and an early night.

Happy Travels everyone :) :) :)

P.S. We are missing 16 travellers. I cannot do the stats for last week until at least half turn up on this thread or Sunday's.


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109 Replies

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  • I did my first pilates class and it was very hard. I was very wobbly afterwards, so didn't quite get my usual amount of cardio in. Nevertheless, a solid 14.21kms today!

  • Fantastic LtL! You're a star! :)

  • Thanks Moreless, how did you do?

    I think you are really the star - you manage to do loads, even taking up giving poor bored workmen a bit of entertainment. Not only perfecting your comedy falls, you also find the time to cheer everyone on, in this forum!

  • I haven't even logged mine yet! Been a busy one today :)

    I've squeezed in 10.8K's on my indoor bike today :)

  • That is great, Moreless, your fingers have had a very good workout today, though, with all the replies you have given to everyone!

  • Ha ha, but I'm going a bit gaga now. I shall sleep well tonight :)

  • Well, I feel like we've been on our own voyage around the world today at the zoo, seeing lots of exotic animals !! Kms for today are :

    Me - 7.1k at the zoo (who knew you could walk so far in a zoo !!) and 7.7k run = 14.8k

    Mr L - 4k dog walks (how boring - poor thing !!)

  • Is it Mr L, or the dog that's a poor thing? :D

    Did you encounter any proboscis monkeys? ;)

    Great K's though! :)

  • Looks really beautiful Liz - but seriously 16 people missing- did we dock anywhere with cannibals? : )

    4 1/2 miles today

  • Good going MR :)

    Either that, or a black hole! :o

  • Hahaha, that comment made my night!

  • How beautiful is that sky😍

    9km for today. Tried to step it up a bit but still struggling with post viral fatigue, need some sun on my bones !!😎


  • 9K's is fab Flossie. Don't go overdoing things :)

  • It a slow 9kms, my pedometer has not registered any aerobic steps for ages !!πŸ€”


  • It'a a great 9K's, slow or not! :)

  • 4.33 km for Monday

  • Well done jenni :)

  • 23 km for today monday

  • Woohoo pretty lady! :)

    Have you logged your other days separately? :)

  • Totals for me today are 5.95km of walking and 11.5km on the exercise bike :) so a total of 17.45km.

  • Fantastic RAF_girl! :)

  • Evening

    Not so much for me today sorry, just 2198 steps xx

    Nic πŸ˜€

  • All steps are good steps Nic :)

  • Hi,

    I am having a lazy day today so no kms for me today. Thought it was a good way to prepare for tonight's yoga :)

    I have moved but decided not to take my pedometer as it would nag me into doing more steps lol ;)

  • Thanks for letting us know Sueper :)

  • 6.5 Kims on treadmill xx

  • Well done Aqua :)

  • 12 km today

  • Great stuff K_o_g :)

  • 12.1 km again today. I think it was exactly the same last Monday (very weird). Won't be quite so much tomorrow, but will have to make it up during the week - won't I? Such a beautiful sunset, we are really seeing some lovely places on this trip. πŸŒ…πŸŒ΄

  • Fantastic JC, that must be your monday number and I'm very happy with that :)

  • Hi there FizzyLiz - 7.32 kms for me today better than I did at the weekend!

  • Good for you Beryl :)

  • Hi Bee - did you clock any kms yesterday?

  • Hi LIzzy - sorry I am one of "The Missing"!

    Stats for:

    Today (Mon) 4500

    Yesterday (Sun) 2500

    Saturday 4500


  • Naughty traveller! Go and stand in the corner!.............................on second thoughts, march on the spot and clock up more steps! ;)

    Thanks Runningsoon :)

  • Hi 7.5km fir Sunday and 5.1km for Monday

  • Thanks Ruth :)

  • Hello. I did 8k today. I did log yesterday's 6.1k in yesterday's thread but it seems that it didn't go through somehow (sorry Moreless - the Saturday thread won't let me post anything at all now so couldn't reply to your question there)

  • Have you reported these technical issues Garfield?

    Thanks for responding, sorry you're having so many problems :(

  • Not sure how to do that! The forum generally works fine on my phone (I'm on my pc at the moment) so hopefully I can get my phone back up and running tomorrow and it'll all be fine and dandy once more!

  • If you wish to report a fault at any time, click on the help tab to the right of your notification bell :)

  • Thanks. It's just sooo slow. I found yesterday - about half way down part one - it just must have got lost somehow

  • Sorry to be late! I only have kms for Monday but they're good - 18.5 - of cycling. It was lovely on the bike today - freezing but the sunshine gave an illusion of Spring on the horizon - a little blossom here and there too. Hope we'll be seeing amazing sunsets like in your pic in real life very soon.

    Happy travels everyone :)

  • They are good Ruth, well done! :)

    You've painted a very pretty picture :)

  • The reality was a little different to be honest - my bike seems to magically navigate its way around a lot of road works and various 3 in a row buses flashing hazard lights at bus stands. Meanwhile my eyes are distracted by flashes of sun on the side of a church, a little pavement-bound blossoming tree, a cute scavenging pigeon... it's not quite the rural idyll round my way!

  • I was quaking as soon as you mentioned road works! :o

  • Yep - they're evil! Those poor workmen will get it next time! You show 'em :)

  • LOL! :D

  • hi all, I managed to squeeze in 10.8K's on my indoor bike today, which is 10.8 more than I thought I would manage :)

  • Despite swollen knees and bruised pride? That's ace! You've cycled more than my commute from Bow to Kings Cross - while injured! But should you maybe be resting still? Or have you recovered more speedily than it seemed you might?

  • I'm just pushing through it Ruth, for fear of slipping back to square 1. I'm hoping to be able to stagger the pedalling with walking, so that it's not quite so bad for my knees. I guess I'm just playing it by ear.

  • Don't underestimate the need to rest as well though, just to make sure there's no lasting injury :)

  • Hi I have done 50 mins of gardening, clearing and taking to tip. I have walked 9593 steps which was 7.7km. Not far off my 10,000 steps today. Would have made it if I hadn't cut a couple of corners off my walk!

  • Well done Pog! You'll know not to cut any corners in future! :)

  • 11.6kms for Monday

  • Fantastic henlady :)

  • 3.2km today πŸ˜€x

  • Well done Claire :)

  • Ooooh, another amazing picture 😊

    Yoga, tea, sunset and sleep sounds just perfect 😊

    11.5 km for me today, so a little relaxation at the beach sounds great πŸ˜Šβ˜•

  • So relaxing, I fell asleep! :o

    Great total Elissy :)

  • Yoga on the beach, how relaxing.

    I've hit my target for the day. 19640 steps, 13.5kms and stuck to my eating plan.

    Happy days 😊

  • Woohoo Bu-dog! WTG you! :)

  • Monday = 3 km's 😊

    Have a great week everyone!!

  • Well done veganista! :)

  • 7 Kms for me on Monday πŸƒ

  • Good stuff lynalla :)

  • 3:7km quiet day :)

  • We all need them Cazmaz :)

  • 5.8km yesterday, sorry. Health and mental issues getting me down.

  • I'm really sorry to hear that rainshine. Don't forget we're here for you if you need us :)

  • Hi 6.2 miles for me yesterday. I'd love to stay in an underwater hotel. It's very frosty in Devon today and very beautiful brrrrr.....

  • It's an amazing concept, isn't it Florence? :)

    Windy and wild here!

    Great number :)

  • Hi Florence, is everything OK, because we haven't heard from you for 6 days? :)

  • Morning All

    My total for Monday 4.68 km, I'm trying to find my focus again this week so I'm not setting myself any daily goals just going to see how it goes.

    Thanks again Lizzy for the superb images of our journey.

  • Every day you're not in hibernation is a great day mrsg. Baby steps, one foot in front of the other. We can do this together :)

  • Hi Monday was 6.5km. Tks

  • And sunday Frankie? :)

  • Sorry. having huge trouble getting onto app when away from home. Sunday was 5.1km

    Yesterday (Tuesday big day at the pool! Did 7.3km)

  • Wow Frankie, that's a lot of laps!! :o WTG you!! :)

  • Morning Mondays figures for me are 2.30km walking and 10km cycling 😊

  • Fantastic kars! :)

  • Only 1k for Monday. The cold weather got to me and I didn't venture out :( Better day today, just got back from a lovely Pilate's session.

  • Still no sign of spring Mrscaw :(

    Your pilates session sounds great! :)

  • Hi everyone, my miles for Monday 17.46..πŸ‘ŸπŸ‘Ÿ let's keep this week going on a high we can do thisπŸ˜€

  • Wow Veronicaby, you're very perky today! I doubt I'd even be breathing after 17.46 miles!! :o

    WTG you! :)

  • Oh dear, I have been a slack Alice today...1km

  • Anything for saturday and sunday qd? :)

    Is that total for monday or tuesday?

  • yeah, just finding the posts... :)

  • Don't worry about it, just put everything here :)

  • Oops..done it now :)

  • Not to worry :)

    I've only found saturday's so far, I'll search for sunday's.

    So was the 1K for monday, or tuesday?

  • Sat 2km Sun 2.5 Mon Slack Alice only did 1km

  • And tuesday? As you're a day ahead of us :D

  • Ok. Tuesday today...2kms

  • Yaaaay! All shipshape and Bristol fashion now!

    Thanks qd :)

  • Hi qd, do you have your K's from wed to sun please, as Liz needs them to do the stats? :)

  • Just checking the records...Wed 1.5km, Thur 2.5km, Fri 2km, Sat 2km, and Sunday was pretty slack, sat around the pool for hours watching the kids so only 1.5kms.

  • Fantastic qd! Thanks :)

  • 6.86 kms for Monday.

  • Well done Don :)

  • Mr Mix 7.6 km and only 3.7 for me

  • Fabulous Dolly mixtures! :)

  • Just back tracking .....Monday 12.01km yes I know you will round it down- last minute sightseeing including a walk round the colosseum

  • Great sightseeing tour Prin :)

  • 14020 steps or 10.49k for Monday

  • Fantastic Lexi :)

  • After walking the streets of Cambridge Tue I did 6543 steps and today 2876 so far and half mile swim have been sitting in hospital most of morning waiting for toe appt. and x ray, is going to be a long job to get the joints fused together with wire through middle. estimated time of full recovery about a year so not good for dancing swimming cycling and walking, could be ok if I took up handstands or trapeze work!

  • Oh Lizzie, I'm so sorry to hear that! What a nightmare for you! :(

    How about hula hooping? ;)

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