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Week 1 Complete

Week 1 complete and I have went from 15st 3lb to 14st 12lb ( 213lbs to 208lbs)

I was to start Couch25k earlier this morning but my son was up all night sick, so it'll start tomorrow morning. Spin Class starts Thursday morning :) :)

The past week I ate my breakfast, lunch, dinner and my 5-a-day in between times. I also had some rich tea biscuits and some Salt and Vinegar rice cakes INSTEAD of the usual chocolate bars, crisps, chocolate hob nobs etc. I drink lots of water per day also.

Yesterday I went out for a meal for Valentines Day, I'm not sure of the calorie intake there, but I tried to pick what I thought would be the lowest/healthiest! And I didn't have a starter or dessert :)

I also walked 3 mile every morning bar Saturday and Sunday

So a -5lb start :)

Onwards to week 2!

Now, to work... :(


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Fantastic result,

Hope you have have enjoyed it and all the changes you are making😃

Here's to week 2😃


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