A Load Of Pants

A Load Of Pants

Hi all

Just wanted to share a recent achievement with you.

A year ago I fitted into the trousers I'm holding up on the left hand photo.

If you'd told me then that I would lose enough weight to fit into a Size 12 , I would have told you that you had lost your mind.

It's one of the little goals that I set along the way, so one more ticked off the list. I haven't been a Size 12 since my twenties.

My next milestone is to get to 10 stone and out of the Overweight BMI category and into the Healthy BMI category.

It's moments like this that spur me on, even when the chocolate and cider are calling my name.

Thanks everyone for taking the time to read.


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22 Replies

  • Well done 👍

  • What a great achievement - inspiring stuff!

  • Be proud, be very proud and here's to cheering you on to a healthy bmi x

  • Well done

  • Inspirational stuff dw! Cracking job! I can't believe you're not already in your healthy BMI range, because you're looking exceptionally slim to me! :)

    PS I'm here wishing I could fit into those size 18 trousers! :D

  • Just 2 lbs to go.😇

  • well done some one to be inspired by looking great well it defo a journey and one worth the efforton me way and trying hard at week eleven now so way to go

  • Wow amazing. Well done you! I'm sure you will reach 10 stone and get to a healthy Bmi with the dedication you have shown. Awesome😃

  • That is a great achievement and an inspiration to the rest of us who want to achieve something similar or the same. Huge pat on the back.

  • You look amazing, you should be very proud of yourself! You are a thin-spiration!

    Ps when are you releasing your 'how I did it' book and where can I buy it!!! Who needs Davina, when we've got you on this forum! 😀

  • Wow, that is amazing - well done!

  • That's amazing! Well done :)

  • Wow! well done! you look fantastic- that's a great achievement as well!

  • great job! well done!

  • You look great,cant believe your still in the overweight zone you look so slim.


  • Just 2 lbs to go 😇

  • Well done excellent result.☺

  • well done you look fantastic and thanks for sharing the picture it really helps people on here. Don't you get losing to much more tho you look great how you are. x

  • You look fab. I also can't believe you are not in the normal BMI range.

  • Wowee! You look great, inspirational !☀️

  • VERY, VERY WELL DONE......it's really good to read such an achievement. I don't suppose it's been easy at all so good for you for your will power.

    All the best

    Flossie 20

  • Hi Doctorwho68,

    I've just seen this now, and I think your progress is phenomenal, you look so great! :-)


    Lowcal :-)

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