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Week 5

(this is a copy of my weigh in post - I am just using my wall as diary of sorts)

Well its bad news this week... I gained 1kg :(

Felts really disappointed and guilty this morning. My first thought was "what's the point?" then thought of skipping the weigh in, giving it all up... the usual.

Then had to do the school run and found myself thinking if my daughter was in my position what would I tell her and obviously i would issue her with a "man up card" (apologies for the sexism!) and would just tell her to pick it up, make it it better and get on.

So, I took myself to the shops and bought a bunch load of vegetables and fruit. Came home sat down look what had gone wrong and read the WEEK 6 advice on the NHS12 week plan and it pretty much predicted what happened this week - I lost interest in counting calories, let myselfl be pressured into a chinese meal and didnt exercise enough. I have made a plan for the week ahead for food and exercise and now i need to stick with it as I can remember how good it feel to lose weight last week but I really can't remember how good any of the extra food i had actually tasted.

Can do better!

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