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Week 6!

12lb LOSS!

Note: I restarted after Christmas (which landed in my "week 6", oops!)

Half way there & about half way with my weight goal which is perfect!

I started at 9st 7lbs (ish, I usually fluctuated between that and 9st). This morning I am 8st 9lbs (or 55kg). And that as with a bloated "endo swelly belly" which usually adds a few pounds so I'm pretty happy with that :) I haven't been great at recording my weight every week but over the last week or so I have checked the scales & seem to be maintaining 55kg consistently.

55kg was my first goal, as before I got ill I competed in taekwondo & that is the lightweight mark. It's nice to know I'm back in my weight category even if I'm not doing it anymore lol!

Ultimately I would like to be 8st. However, I am pretty happy with my measurements apart from my waist. It is currently 27inches & I would like to see it go down a few more inches regardless of weight.

(PS I am very short!)

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PS any tips to avoid a plateau? I tend to struggle getting any lower than 55kg.


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