Trifle update

Thanks everybody for your encouragement. I had made my own trifle so I knew what was in it - fat less sponge, sugar free jelly, frozen raspberries (no sherry)! Custard made with skimmed milk and half the amount of sugar, with a sliced banana in to make up the sweetness. Usual whipped cream and a crumbled flake on top. I dished up, so I could control my portion and no one noticed that I scooped jelly and custard and no cream into my bowl.

So, all in all, I am feeling very pleased with myself! I didnt count the calories at the time, but I will work that out tonight so I am more prepared for next time trifle is on the menu 👍


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4 Replies

  • Well done! My son had a mini cheesecake, we only had a 1/4 pizza each, with salad and then mini cheesecakes, bit carb heavy, yummy tho!

  • Well done you too! Do you think it is true that you only really taste the first few mouthfuls of the dish you are eating, then you clear the rest of the bowl of habit and because it is there!?

  • Not, not really, I chose a 3 cheese pizza, we chose to add ham, and tomato too, thr original plan was just raspberries tho!

    Spotted the cheesecake in lidl, and thought sod it!

    My younger son lives alone, so got sent home with cherry tomatoes, orange juice, raspberries and grapes!

    He doesn't always eat as healthy as could , boys eh!

  • Hi Sprout,

    Glad it went well. It sounds like a really delicious tasty trifle! :-)

    Lowcal :-)

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