Weigh in 12

Hello all,

I weighed in a day early as I was going for dinner last night and on my last week of NHS choices 12 week plan and I gained 3lbs. Oops! I've had a difficult week going to a uni visit with my son and eating lots of bad things. I know why and I'm not seeing this as a negative because overall with sw and this I've lost 3 stone 1lbs. I'm very proud of myself and looking forward to continuing on with the way I'm doing things.

I need to watch my portion sizes as they have been creeping up this week and I need to stop picking when I'm cooking dinner!

So wiping this weeks slate clean and onward and downward. I'm loving my new way of life and just about to embark on week 9 of couch to 5k next week. I struggled with my run today but I'm putting it down to experience and cracking on!

Hope everyone is doing well, I'm going to catch up on some posts.

Elsie xxx


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6 Replies

  • Wow over 3st in. 12 wks that's brilliant, i only managed 1st onwards and downward although i can't do any exercises due to health problems 😁👍

  • Not done it in 12 weeks, did a stone with NHS and the rest previously with sw! I'm learning how to eat healthily which is all we can hope for! xxx

  • Lol it must have been a senior moment for me or fibro fog, any way you look at it 3 st is brilliant 😁

  • Wow, this week aside, you have done brilliantly! Get back to it straight away, it sounds like you had a good reason to splurge a little anyway.

  • You've just had a week of celebration! ☺

  • Wow amazing lost 3 stones and you sound so positive to get right back into things. Keep going!

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