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Losing routine this week has distracted me

Chaotic week and lost routine in so many ways. Why does that upset my feeding rhythm to? It shouldn't!

Perhaps I need structure far more than I ever realised. I definitely seem to turn to food when I need comfort/distress/nothing else to do.

Exercised only twice (routine has gone) and hoping that slipping one more exercise session in tomorrow might help keep the scales the same if not moving down a bit. Telling myself it doesn't matter how much - just needs to be in the right direction. Will see on Monday!

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I always used to struggle with the whole disrupted routine thing, but now I plan my meals out for the week and if I know it's going to be a murderous week I make sure I have at least 3 of those planned meals prepped in the freezer or fridge. For me I always have to keep on hand homemade swiss roll slices in the freezer. I kid you not, there is nothing more satisfying than feeling like cake and being able to schedule it into your daily snacks. A frozen swiss roll slice (only 80 cals) and a quick defrost later you've made a cup of tea, got a plate and a cake fork found your home and antiques mag (maybe that's just me) sat yourself at the table for a mid morn/afternoon snack and needed head space, and importantly YOU made the choice. I recommend being prepared to the nth degree when it comes to food, it's empowering xxx

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