Appetite surpressant pills-anyone tried any?

I know this would probably be frowned upon by the NHS 12 week challenge! but I have been looking on line on and off for sometime now at different pills which seem to work wonders... I know there are some which have bad side effects and are not healthy but some look really good and I am very tempted to try them! Just wondering if anyone else out there has tried any, along with healthy diet of course..


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14 Replies

  • Don't waste your money Sarah! I tried them years ago and they didn't make the slightest bit of difference.

    You'd be as well drinking a large glass of water before each meal and make sure that you eat plenty of bulky food.

  • Agree with moreless, 100%.

    Don't know what you've been looking at but, traditionally, the only diet pills that actually worked in cutting the appetite were amphetamines!

    As others have said, we need to remind ourselves that feeling hungry every now and again isn't a bad thing and will go away after our next meal, More of us should embrace it and do a little more of it!

  • Please don't buy anything online and put it in your mouth. You won't know what us in it. Even if it us genuine you know people have died from taking those things. Really not worth the risk.

  • And you can end up sh****g yourself and that's not a good look for anyone!!!! ;-) xxx

  • lol but yup thanks for all your advice, I suppose i know this deep down and that's why I have never actually bought any yet! I told my hubby maybe he should try them first, but he said he doesn't feel like being my guinea pig which is fair enough I guess!

  • People have died from taking pills that they have bought on line! There is no way you should buy them, they are unregulated and could contain anything including poisons! The whole thought of someone buying "slimming pills" from on line sites scares the hell out of me!

  • Hi,

    I know everyone doesn't agree but have a look into 'Raspberry Ketones'

    You can buy them from Holland & Barrett.

    But please read into the information about any diet pill you take as they could be dangerous.

    Many thanks

  • I've tried diet pills! All sorts of diet pills! Nope they don't work, that's why I'm still on a diet! Be very careful when tempted to accept "free trials" too, because unless you read the terms and conditions you end up in a contract where they send you more pills every month! And when you try to cancel them it always takes a couple of months!! So it costs you a fortune!! I'm not wasting any more money on "quick fixes" that do not work. My friend tried is it Allio or something like that, and she didn't dare leave the house because of extreme diarrhoea!! Not good. 😱

  • Please don't buy any pills on line, you have no idea what is in them and they can be very dangerous. Many years ago, in the 1970's I was put on amphetamines (speed) by my doctor, yes I lost weight, they also made me feel ill and once I stopped taking them I regained the weight.

    The only real and sensible way to lose weight is to eat less than you burn, that is calories.

    I have also tried the Raspberry Ketones, the only pounds I lost trying that was out of my purse.

    Regardless of anything else PLEASE do not buy medication on line

  • If it is strong enough and designed enough to work, you don't want to be buying it from an unknown source. If it isn't, you don't want to waste your money! They are most likely lying about their results or hiding terrible side effects. And you don't know that you are getting what they say you are either.

  • Wow. Very passionate but sound advice here. I hear what you all say. I guess it's just tough when you lose a pound a week, if that, and reading those reviews, people losing four or five a week! I do agree that buying from an unknown source is a risky thing to do.. well I not buying them now, so thanks to all you guys!

  • Hi Sarahdoll, a lot of the larger losses are only in the first week or two. 1 - 2 lb is average, it is slow but you do get there in the end :)

  • Just what Sueper says, Sarahdoll. We all shout out when we do well and keep quiet about the other times. If you were being charitable, you could say that it is because we don't want to bring anyone down. But it's probably just human nature. I lost 5st over a period of 4 years, so my average weight loss is probably less than three tenth of a lb per week. In fact allowing for the weeks of stay the same and going up, it is probably even less than that. I said to one of my friends that I must really love some of those individual lbs because I've seen them several times up and down. Maybe the ones nearest to goal have been with us so long, they are more reluctant to leave! I would be delighted to lose a half lb per week. What another friend calls "happy halves"! As long as they are off and not on, celebrate!

  • great to have the support and cheer leading!! I totes agree, as long as they coming off and not on, it's a good thing....just takes soooooooooo long. when venusflytrap says'celebrate' I think- chocolate! LOL

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