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Seem to have lost my way since Xmas. First I lost control over xmas, then my daughter had our first grandchild. I just seem to keep eating and all the wrong things. Chocolate, crisps, anything really. All the things I had control over from August, and the over eating, that I thought was under control has gone rampant again. I've only put on about 3lbs and have lost 2stone 4lbs so have to remain positive. I must get back on this healthy eating on Monday before I lose all control. I know I can do it, just feel cross that I have let myself go. I have about 1stone 3lbs to lose to be in the healthy range. I can do it and will do it. STarting again Monday!


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9 Replies

  • Don't be hard on yourself and so you have slipped. no big deal. You know you can get right back on it as you have said that you have lost 2 stones and 4 pounds. That is amazing! Keep going only 3 ls to loose.

  • Hi 191253summer,

    Congratulations on your total weight loss of 2 stone 4 pounds, and to maintaining that loss. You've only got 1 stone 3 pounds to go to be in the healthy range, so you're getting there, and you sound positive and determined, which is a great mind-set to succeed.

    I know you're planning to get back to healthy eating on Monday - maybe take some of the weekend to pre-plan your potential meals and think about ways to help yourself to have a really great week ahead.

    Congratulations also on your first Grand-child, and hope you're enjoying being a Grandmother and all that entails.

    Wishing you lots of success with your goals and a great week ahead.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Well that is a result, to only have put on 3 lbs after what you have said means you must still have been watching most of what you ate and drank. Is it possible not to have crisps, chocolates etc in the house at all so that you will not get tempted? If i fancy something sweet I have been having a kiwi fruit, really sweet and does the trick :-)

  • I agree it doesn't sound like things have gone too wrong, you've just had a bit of a break that's all. Get started today, not monday, even if all you do today is a bit of planning, or cooking a batch of soup for some of this week's meals. Get back into the mindset as quickly as possible while you have this feeling of determination. Lots of luck :)

  • I understand completely as I seem to do the same thing...strive for progress not perfection 😃

  • Thank you all for your support. I am now really determined!

  • All is not lost! Look at what you've achieved so far. I find losing weight in winter really difficult (unless I've just started my "diet") and plough to a sticky halt somewhere in November. The weather makes it difficult to get out, the selection of local fruit and veg seems to consist of cabbage and pumpkin. Tomatoes taste crap. Because it's cold I crave carbs, big meals, stews. My body wants to pile on the layers of blubber! And then there's Christmas. I live in Germany where you can't get a whole load of things I loved as a kid. So when my sister turns up with a carfull of crisps, twiglets, cheeselets, chocolate stockings, chocolate oranges etc. I am lost. And what doesn't get eaten is left here, calling to me every evening. Even now the last cheeselets are crying "eat me". When spring comes it's so much easier.

  • Isn't this just Christmas and January, plus of course your lovely celebration? I have been exactly the same and after losing slightly more than 5 stone, am now 10lbs above goal. All the problems you said and after losing a lb a week in succession, I put the 2lbs back on again last week. The guys in the family looked after me too well when I was ill last week and at every choice point I obviously didn't have my diet glasses on, because I made a whole series of wrong choices. Still I know exactly why I put it on. And keeping my food diary even through the bad days means I know what I have to correct. My suggestion is that you start logging what you are eating and doing your kcal totals both for meals and the day. Without planning to do anything else just the tactic of writing it down will improve your intake. At some point you will say to yourself, I know what is going wrong and why the scales are going the wrong way and you will start planning what you are going to eat so that you stay inside your limits. There isn't anything wrong with you. Or your will power. Even the skinniest put on at least 3lbs over Christmas. That is why all the supermarkets, newspapers and TV stations are focusing on dieting, because we all need to. You know how to do it and you know you can do it, your previous success shows that. So it is just getting your head in the right place. Perhaps some new meals from all that welter of information flying our way, would brighten up an otherwise dull month. Daughter would probably appreciate the odd micro ready casserole too. Still pushing that new baby around should increase your exercise. We can do it! Yes I am trying to convince myself too. But this is my 4th good day!

  • You and I have a similar goal and history of loss, yesterday I felt I could have given up but somehow managed not to eat any excess when we had friends round, then today I lost one pound. I have felt on a high all day and so glad I didn't eat the rest of chocs they gave us. So get rid of crisps chocs etc give them to new Dad. You don t want to be called squidgy as my granddaughter refers to my arms, am now very conscious of doing those arm exercises! We need to be very fit for dealing with grandchildren and their mothers.

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