Pull the trigger

This is a very interesting journey for me , this clean living. It is helping me to discover a lot about me - like the fact that I am an emotional eater. The emotion, however, that triggers the need for a bar of rubbish chocolate is anxiety or anger and not depression or sadness as I thought. That came to the fore today in dealing with someone at my job who has been a thorn for seven years and counting. Today, I could have killed for a chunky kitkkat and a coke zero! Then, I turn on the radio and hear a news report that Cadbury's has been barred from from producing any candy with four fingers...huh?! Did I really need to hear that fact the MOMENT i was having an inner battle?!

The universe must be conspiring against me is my conclusion. LOL!


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7 Replies

  • What?? No more 4-fingered Kit-Kats - waaaahhh!

    Sorry about the anger eating - I know that feeling too. Maybe it is time to invest in a punch-bag at your place of work.

  • Haha! No, Nestle make kitkat and Cadburys wanted to creare a rival candy. As for the punch bag, good idea- burn calories too!

  • Oh, I see - phew!

  • I know what you mean about emotional eating. It's only in recent years that I realised that the depression and anxiety I used to suffer from was caused by unresolved anger. Much happier and more chilled now, training myself not to jump to conclusions!

    Cadbury's is my comfort chocolate of choice, but trying these days to stick to small amounts of 70%+ dark choc.

  • It is so empowering when we find out the why we do what we do!

    The thing you have that I don't is the contrilt. I am an all or nothing girl. No inbetweens! 😭

  • If you are struggling to resist Kit-Kats try researching the ethics of Nestlé. That may be enough ....

  • Know what you mean Sheila. Their record on aggressive marketing in poor countries is appalling. They were supposed to have cleaned up their act though. Any news?

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