Bulk buy or weekly shop?

Hi everyone,

I'm just about to order my food shop for tomorrow morning and i just wanted to ask what people thought was best between bulk buying and shopping weekly.

I recently finished my weekly meal plan and a lot of the items i can buy in bulk and then just get the fresh stuff weekly. Do you think buying in bulk affects your ability to stick to your meal plan? Is it better to just buy what you need every week?I'll be buying the same things that's in my meal plan but buying them to last me for a month.

Any advice appreciated



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5 Replies

  • I find buying the healthy cupboard staples in bulk really helpful for making me stick to the plan as week by week it removes some of the thinking (and therefore temptation) from my shop. I then find it easier to nip in and get the fresh bits I need and it's a shorter trip round the supermarket, more focused and less casual browsing. I also find buying in bulk is cheaper. Hope this helps! x

  • I bulk buy the non tempting things - lots of tins of tomatoes, chickpeas, packs of oats, rice, lentils, etc. Prebuying snacks and drinks etc requires good willpower and nice fruit n veg is always best fresh. That said, onions and carrots keep well in the fridge, frozen leaf spinach is always useful to have, and apples keep fine out of the sun - not that that's a challenge at the moment! And lots of snacks can be stored in the freezer out of temptation's reach - out of sight out of mind...

  • I'll bulk buy store cupboard essentials, but not snacks or things I can easy chuck in my mouth while bored.

  • I do a bit of both. I certainly like to keep plenty of healthy food in the house. It prevents food accidents.

  • Yep I am in agreement wit the others.

    Bulk buying stuff that is on special and that isn't going to tempt you is a great way to save money and have less to think about.

    I get my shopping delivered (its free - how could you not! lol) and I love ordering the heavy stuff when I do that just so its not me that has to lug it around.

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