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Day 3

So trying this diet from that show how to lose weight well the all you can eat fruit diet. This is only cause I want a kickstart before I start eating healthy because I get disheartened if I don't lose a lot so this diet says you can lose up to 12 lbs in a week I'm hoping for 5-7lbs just to get a bit of initial weight off then I'm gonna try to aim for 2lbs a week maybe on the 5:2 diet as that seemed to work for me last time.

Going to start long distance running after this 7 day all you can eat diet.

I will weigh in on Monday on that thread but won't be a week until Thursday morning.

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Hi Naddie94,

Good luck with all your goals, and hope you enjoy the week.

Great to hear you'll be joining in the Monday group weigh-in - and wishing you all the best with your goals.

Lowcal :-)


Perhaps you would be better with the 12 week plan to change your eating habits, especially if you couldn't continue with the 5:2.

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Hey Naddie best of luck with your diet. I personally have given up fad diets after years if not decades of trying to find a fast fix and failing.

I know you will not want to hear it but healthy, stable eating is your best friend in the long term. A big short term loss doesn't often translate to a ig long term loss - I hope I don't sound too "naggy".

Best of luck with however you proceed! :)


Thank you wasn't nagging. I'm just doing it for a week to give me a boost then go into long term weightloss :)


Remember that the diet included protein at some point!


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