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No weight loss

I am a bit late posting this I weighed myself early this morning and I have no loss at all not even an ounce and I was disappointed because I've stayed on course all this week. Going back to being positive though and its now OK because it could have been a gain. Also last week I lost one pound although I didn't expect to and I wouldn't have been surprised at a little gain so it was Christmas catching up with me!

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Im the same hun i reckon our body stays stubborn the first week..but are you pee more i am. So if you are STICK WITH IT...Im praying by sunday ive lost a pound or two as im been so good...im not eat after 7pm at night either..Thats a first for me..BUT IM WINNING....as i used to consumme at least a 1000 calories the ususl crap stuff...but im noticing im pee longer in the morn wen i go bathroom...so im thinking ermm thats not like me....so somethink must be happening...well done keep it up i say

.xxxhappy new year


Don't worry, it will come


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