Cold, wet and windy

Cold, wet and windy

I'm off out for a brisk walk in this horrid weather, to see my daughter and grandchildren. It should blow the cobwebs away, so I thought I'd get dinner ready for my return. I thought I would do a risotto, but have changed my mind :)

Today is the perfect day for Irish stew :)

I Kg lamb...............2300Kcal

1 Kg Spuds..............750Kcal

5 x Carrots.............. 114Kcal

4 x Onions.................68Kcal

½ Pint of water............0

Calories .................3232Kcal

Lots of calories, but only if one scoffs the lot :D

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25 Replies

  • Hi Tewson,

    What a comforting tasty meal you've be enjoying later. Really lovely!

    Enjoy your walk.

    Lowcal :-)

  • High Lowcal, it's not much fun walking on a day like today ☔ 🌬 I'm pleased I had a destination, even if it was just a two minute visit. There's nothing like a warm and welcoming home with smiling grandchildren to warm the spirit. My wife's going to the hairdressers after work, so will have to wait a few more hours before tucking into the the meal.

    I know there will be loads leftover :) It won't be wasted though :)

  • I think it would be very difficult to eat the whole lot, delicious though it sounds (and looks)!


  • Hi LotToLose, I would be tempted to give it a try :D

    It will all get eaten although not in tonight's sitting. The plan is, we shall eat to our needs tonight and what is left over will go to making pots of baby food, peas, sweetcorn and the like will be added to keep a bit of texture for the youngster and to add nutrients.

    What then is leftover will form the basis of soup for later in the week or the freezer.


  • A little something to warm the soul after being out on a cold winters day ummm....

    I have made a pork steak stew for my dinner today and I am really looking forward to eating that and warming my soul too :-)

    Enjoy Tewson it looks great :-)

  • Oooo, I love pork stew :) I sometimes make stew with a cubed gammon joint, carrots, leeks, onion and butter beans. It's really nice because the butter beans give it a nice creamy flavour and texture. :)

  • ummm butter beans.... I have some of those, now I will ask the family if they don't mind some of them going in. I've never made this before but it has turned out really nice and I will defo be making it again. Next time I will try beef.

    You know what I have just tasted it and butter beans will go nice in there. Thank you for the tip :-)

  • During my walk, I was saddened to see our local butcher had closed down and as I walked I pondered; I have two local supermarkets within a two minute walk. Sometimes I despair when I go in there. The amount of shelf space given to unprocessed fresh food is, I would guess, less than 5% of shelf space. I know the whole shop is not dedicated to selling food, but fresh meat (not bacon, burgers or sausages) takes up a very small section of the chilled meat shelves. Fruit and vegetables fair better. Also the eggs are sort of fresh. The remainder of the unprocessed food can be found in the very small area that sell pulses, rices, bulgar wheat etc. Oh, I forgot, there's a tiny area that sells fresh fish.

    I wonder if we are at a point where the next generation simply won't know how to cook.

    Just a thought 😕

  • I've come across a surprising number of adults that can't cook even the basics like potatoes and carrots. It's scary!

  • I was only discussing the other day with my mother, the number of adults who have never eaten steak. They only know burgers!

  • Or fish that isn't shaped and coated in breadcrumbs or batter.

  • Correction, only 58% fish when you read the ingredients. Often fish of unspecified species. Frightening!

  • Eeeuuurrrggghhhh!

  • Some of the fish is actually described as precooked and shaped. Big name brands too.

  • I once had a tour of the Shiphams paste factory - I've never eaten paste since!

    I think if people really saw what they were eating, there would be a queue outside the butchers, fishmongers and greengrocers.

  • Sometimes though, the less we know the better. We won't talk about hormones, medicines and antibiotic in cattle and sheep lol

  • Are they still actually allowed to do that?

  • It's the overuse of antibiotics that have made antibiotics ineffective. Yes they are allowed under EU rules. I think it might come under animal rights or something, their version of human rights I think :D

  • Animal rights v human rights, where no- one is the winner. You've got to love the EU :o

  • I love a good steak and have had to learn this past year how to cook one. The least time you cook it the better the taste and I have mastered this now :-)

  • Just a minute or two on each side in a smoking pan. I usually serve with stir fry and new boiled potatoes. A little soy on the veg as its cooking mmmmmmmm

  • Lol, I used to be the master of boot leather :)

  • Leather boot Pahahahahaha love it :-)

  • One thing that always amazes me, is that I season and seal with Colemans English mustard powder and it never ever tastes remotely hot. Strange

  • I am sure that's true, my grandaughter was doing a chocolate yule log, teacher told them to bring in swiss roll, rollout icing chocolate trimmings and icing in tubes. To get a high grade they had to modify it?? I think I have lost my little robin and ivy leaf cutters forever!!

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