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Hi everyone, so this was supposed to be the start of week 7 but I've had another set up and I've gained 1.8 pounds.

I generally stayed within my portion sizes and calorie goals and I was working out with insanity.

So I am Super super confused.

I am not going to give up though. I've decided to restart and decrease my calorie intake to about 1200 calories and start 30 day shred. I'll increase to 1400 when I reach my goal and plan to maintain. I feel like that's what my body is doing instead of losing weight which I want instead.

I'll be weighing in every 2 weeks because when I don't see what I want not the scale, I get really stressed and annoyed.

Wish me luck! Hope everyone has had better loses than me.

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Hi hunny, my daughter does the insanity workout ( you must be as crackers as her, lol). From her experience too few calories were being consumed which lowered her metabolism, so she upped them and the pounds ( admittedly few that she wanted) came off. Bear in mind too that muscle weighs much more than fat. Have you measured yourself or taken before and after pics - this may give you a pleasant surprise. Good luck 😊


Physically my body looks better and I've lost an inch off my waist, bust and hips.

I've been doing insanity for 2 weeks. I'm obsessed with seeing the loss on the scale, I think that's my problem.

I'll check what the recommend calories are for me and work with that. Thank you 😊

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Hi Maryfunke,

Maybe look on the NHS weight loss calculator to see how many calories it recommends you have for your height and activity levels. I agree with ShellieL that if you eat too few calories, it can compromise your metabolism, and may mean that the weight doesn't shift or plateaus. It's also a great idea to measure your body so you can compare before and after, as you could well be toning up with your exercises, and building more muscle.

Good luck with the 30 day shred - I have done that myself - although never for the full 30 days, and I really enjoyed it. I like Jillian Micheals - she is motivating and the exercises are fun to do.

Hope you have a great week.

Lowcal :-)


Thank you!

I will see what the nhs calculator says. I don't want to comprise my weight loss and I want a caloric limit I can stick to in the long term.

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Hi maryfunke. Well done for just re-grouping and starting again. Sadly there is often not a straight line relationship between "being good" and weightloss.

I weigh every morning (because it helps me refocus on my goal as I tend to drift off otherwise!) and this week on one morning I was up 1.5 lbs after a "good as gold" day and then this morning I was down 1.25 lbs. This "loss" was even though my meal out yesterday evening with the girls featured fish and chips followed by lemon posset (very nice and justified by being my only severe voluntary detour from healthy eating in the last 3 months - but just about the worst combination imaginable!). So you can see why this week I feel particularly that you don't always get what you deserve - in the short term anyway.

They key thing is that over the long term changed behaviour = changed results.

You are determined to change your behaviour, the results will follow - but may be in their own time!

Lowcal's advice about looking at other indicators (eg measurements) is good - and I should do that myself - I keep not getting round to doing it, but now I've read your thread I really will try and sort that out over the next few days.

Good luck to you for a healthy and happy Christmas and 2016!


Many thanks for your response. It's so helpful getting advice from other.

I am really determined to change my behaviour so I'll keep it in mind that this is a process. Thank you 😊

Merry Christmas to you too! All the best for the new year x

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Hi maryfunke, I must say, you've been given some excellent advice and there's not a lot I can add.

I would be ecstatic with your results; inches lost and improved health, these are tangible measures of success :) Sometimes I just think the scales are there to demotivate and deceive. In my experience, they won't be able to keep it up though, if you continue to get fitter and reduce those inches, eventually the scales will be forced to concede that you've lost weight too.

Sometimes, I wish that this site had a little more guidance on the introduction page, showing what to expect and explaining things before they happen, rather than after the event. I keep notes and a graph for my own benefit but I wish there was one I could compare my progress too. A graph drawn professionally by qualified people.

That said and done, it's a good site with lots of very helpful people. If you follow your plan and take on board the advice, you will reach your goal. There is no doubt.

All that's left is to wish you the smoothest journey

Good luck :)


I know what you mean Tewson about the advice - but we do have the "Wisdom of the - been there and done that - crowd" between us all don't we?! I always think there's so much good sense on here - it's the opposite of "Fad Diet Central".

That good sense has been key to me just chipping away and taking the odd meal off here and there where it would just not be worth the social disruption to others especially - or where I am just ravenous (there was a nasty incident involving three bakewell tarts on my return from Derbyshire...!). I find it easier to just start again these days - thanks to everyone here really.

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