Days 4,5,6,7

I ate shit and boozed it up on holiday student style. Let's make days 8,9,10 and onwards are better.

Meal plan for day 8

Breakfast: Coffee, apple

Lunch: brown rice, chicken breast, roast veg, broccoli

Dinner: reheated lasagne with green beans

Snack: banana

F/V: apple (1) roast veg (2) broccoli (3) green beans (4) banana (5)

P: Chicken(1) Beef (2)

C: Rice (1) Pasta (2)

I did a fair amount of walking/dancing but still not enough. Tomorrow: hour long bike ride along the country lanes should do it.

My number one problem right now is the alcohol. How do you avoid it over Christmas?


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12 Replies

  • I am a coward I am Just avoiding it

  • I don't think you're a coward, Aqua. :-)

  • You ate shit? 😄

    Never mind, I'm sure you'll make it up over the next couple of weeks.

  • Oh yuck!! :D

  • I haven't touched a drop of alcohol since August and don't plan to start now :)

  • Alcohol isn't your friend despite what everyone in the media says! Kicking booze has been the biggest single factor in my own weight loss. I can still have a drink now and again but then it will take me a week to get the weight I've added off - a week for every moderate nights consumption. When I think about that its pants! The people around you need to respect your choices and support you!

    I'll have a small drink on Wednesday - Night with neighbours. BUT nothing over Christmas - there really isn't any point! Why start the new year fighting miserably with the weight I've put on over what????

    By all means chill out, celebrate and relax but no one needs booze and you'll be sooooo smug on January 2nd! :-)

  • Well Claude, we're all grown ups and make our own life style choices, if you know alcohol is your number one problem... don't drink alcohol, or at least reduce the amount of alcohol you drink, you will find you can enjoy yourself just as much (maybe more). Give it a go for a few weeks and see how it goes?

  • I have to watch my alcohol otherwise its my absolute downfall too. Remember studenty habits can stay with you forever. Better to start planning ahead for a healthy future. I set myself little rules and goals. E.g. I plan ahead what I'll drink before going out and then pace myself throughout the evening. I try to have cider instead of wine at home which I find helps me drink less. Also there are lots of alcohol free options. Just keep setting little rules and goals, and watch how others around you manage their alcohol intake too, you may be surprised by what you spot others doing. Good luck!

  • Hi Claude,

    I hope you enjoy your planned meals for today. Sounds tasty.

    I don't drink very much alcohol - just a cider on the weekends and a glass of wine with meals out - only occasionally share a bottle of wine, so I can't really give you many pointers regarding how to avoid it.

    Like Jenever suggested, maybe try to reduce your consumption, and see how it goes.

    Hope you have a good Christmas, and good luck with your goals.

    Lowcal :-)

  • I'm a grown up ( apparently - it says so on my birth certificate) but I also have difficulty with alcohol - especially at Xmas. My problem is, I really like it 😁 I love the taste and I don't get drunk very easily or often. My tip for you is to keep off the cider, beer or lager . They're all heavy in calories. I would go for spirits, gin, brandy Bacardi,vodka ( not all together 😁)

    Have a calorie free mixer, diet coke or pop, and have a whole glass if diet mixer between each drink.

    If you just don't want to drink, gin and coke is good. One shot and after that everybody thinks your still on gin and coke, only you know there's only been one gin bought. If someone offers you a drink, ask for " just a coke this tine, ill get me another gin in a bit", then, go to the bar and get yourself another coke - come back gaily with your "gin" and coke.

    Have a brilliant Xmas and enjoy being young and "eating shit'😁 - wish I was with you for my portion 😊😊

  • Thank you lovely people.

  • As you're really good at exercise, how about joining us on Lizzie's Around the World challenge? It's a great motivator :)

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