Getting frustrated - remember to breathe !!

Getting frustrated - remember to breathe !!

Bad morning - not with my diet, but with my patience. Its running low, and at the risk of sounding like a really horrible and ungrateful person, I have to have a moan somewhere. Lots of you have lost parents and I feel guilty for wishing I could lose mine - for a little while anyway. I know they are old, I know they are pre dementia, I've worked with dementia for 14 yrs, I can see the signs. This morning, my father is on the "this MUST happen today" mood, wanting me to phone people, do things, most of them unnecessary, and now, I find out, he's going into "secretive" mode ax well, hiding his new bank card (he left his in a local card machine last week- didn't tell me for three days, nothing taken luckily) . Sorry this is off topic and a ramble, but I feel like I'm among friends.

This MUST NOT spoil my diet. Eating against it will not make me feel better, ease tension, or help in any way . Moaning to you lot does help. So, thank you to anyone reading this, and to anyone else just delete my comments, but everybody feel proud to have been part of my DONT BINGE OUT OF FRUSTRATION campaign.

Love you all xxx


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  • Hi Libby - Sometimes we all feel tested beyond what we can cope with. One of my sons has ADHD - it's different to what you are dealing with, but it sounds as if there are overlap areas. One of the things we share is a tendency to deal with the stress we experience in the kitchen....

    We need to find another way.... I am not in a position to tell anyone how to do it this week (scales were not with me!). But I am here happily munching on a pack of aldi rice cakes (about 120 cals) - they make a good crunchy biscuit substitute and then later on I'm going to do some decorating and therefore be safely out of the kitchen with painty hands.

    I hope that you can find something to distract you from derailing you from your goal. GOOD LUCK!!! YOU CAN DO IT! WE ARE HAPPY TO BE MOANED AT!!


  • Thank you for your support ! Xxx

  • Stay strong, Libby, you CAN do it !!!!

    Sadly I don't see my mum at all now as she is in Germany, but before we moved I had similar thoughts and was close to losing my patience at times.

    We are all here to support each other, whatever the need !!!

    It feels so much better to have that"moan" than to have that snack (at least afterwards).

    Keep moaning, not snacking ;-)

  • It does Elissy - it really helps get it off your chest, and because were anonymous, its so much easier. I cant confide in my daughters as much, they sympathise but have divided loyalties as well. Thank you xxxxx

  • Hi Libby,

    Sorry you are having a bad day. Parents are so frustrating. My Dad fell on Friday morning and my Mum told me while we were out that it's not the first time and he was having dizzy spells all week.

    Turns out he decided to stand on the bed, to get a suitcase out of a cupboard. He fell and hurt himself. He's had 2 half knee replacements so shouldn't have been on the bed anyone. Mum had gone to a medical assessment with me and when we got back I managed to get my Dad to promise to phone the doctor. Was there yesterday and he was still having dizzy spells. He's got one of those home BP monitors so we checked his blood pressure. He said he'd phone the doctor this morning. So I'll be checking up on him this evening.

    Parents. :-D

    Take a deep breath, count to 10 and have a cup of tea. Parents can be frustrating at times, but you'e got to love them. :-D

    Stick to your diet and reach for the fruit and veg if you need to each something. :-D

    Take care.

  • They turn back into kids, but worse than kids cos they still think WE are the kids and that they know best. And hopefully "sometimes" you can get control of your kids - parens ? Never !

    Hope your dad is ok, perhaps he and my dad could get together and do something safe - like white water rafting πŸ˜ƒ I bet they'd be up for it 😊

  • I've told my parents to not test me cause I'm the one that gets to pick there care home. :-D

    They've also been warned that they can spend all their money if the want but not to leave me any debts to get settled. :-D They went to India this year on holiday. Not sure where there big trip will be next year. :-D

  • OMG! You sound like my daughter! She's also stipulated that I have to get rid of all my junk, because she doesn't want to be left with it! :D

  • Got to get my own back some how. :-D Think about all the "stuff" my Dad has stored makes me shudder apparently he needs the 5 drill, 2 nail guns, etc, etc,etc that's all packed up in the hut. :-D

  • I can understand my daughter's concern, because I am the world's worst horder. I find it impossible to throw things out and keep everything "just in case" :)

    I really will have to get my act together and hire a skip :)

    You stick to your guns, we parents have to be kept in line :)

  • I'm a bad hoarder as well. I blame my Dad cause he's like that. He hoards wood and power tools. Mines is Arts and Craft supplies and all the gifts I've been give that were handmade. :-D

  • I'm far worse than that. I've got all the kids stuff eg school books, clothes, soft toys etc. They left home almost 20 years ago!! :)

  • You need to take a tip from my Mum. Have boxes packed the next time they come home of their things and given them back to them. :-D I even have all my old report cards from school now. :-D

  • They don't even want them, the problem lies with me! :)

  • Brilliant idea !

  • Good luck with that stress Libby - sounds like you are having a rotten day :-(

  • Thanks lucca - just got to remember its just one day, SO helps to have a place to vent - xxxx

  • Yep - much better you take it out on here, than on the biscuit barrel :-)

  • Instead of eating the food yourself Libby, give it to them:

    Gallons of tea, so that they spend half the day in the loo.

    Sticky toffees, so that it's much more difficult to talk.

    Plenty of carbs to induce sleep.

    Watery soup that has to be eaten at the table, to stop them wandering about.

    I'm sure you could come up with many more culinary tricks :)

    Happy days!! :)

    PS Loving the photo :)

  • Hahaha brilliant ideas ! I've thought about getting a carpenter round to cut a hole in their door and i can just push food through 😊 oh you gotta laugh sometimes ! ! Xx

  • If you didn't laugh, you'd cry...........or binge! :)

  • 😊 xxx

  • :-D Good job you don't run a care home, moreless - you'd forever be appearing on one of those hidden camera Panorama shows !

  • Hahaha why do you think I retired ??? No I was a nice carer, always had patience , BUT my shifts ended .... This shift is never ending ! Never mind, another day tomorrow...x

  • What for? Feeding all those lovely dottles is part of the job description! ;)

  • Oh boy - you sound like you have experience of all those lovely old dotties πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ ! Haha 😈

  • I was a carer for years! :)

  • πŸ™Œ - now I KNOW you feel my frustrations 😊 xxx

  • And my mum had alzheimer's and dementia :)

  • Libby, you think you got problems? After spending days teaching my 84 yr old mum to cook stir fry (which she really enjoys), she phoned me up this morning and asked what gravy granules I used, chicken or beef!!!!

    I was humming this when I come off the phone

    HA HA :D

  • LOL!! :D

  • ROFL - hahaha !!!! That is so funny 😁 😁 😁 😁

    Yes, I had forgotten all about this song, but its so appropriate ! I'll be singing this now every time I get stressed 🎢

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