Monitor my weight

Now I've been using my fitness pal to keep a track of my weight and how far I've got to go

However I've just downloaded an app called monitor my weight and it's great- you put in your start and goals weight and can add any more in the middle so I put my current weight in and the date I want to be there by- it gives you the % you are towards that loss the % of how far you are towards the goal date (if you have one)

How much you've lost

How mcuh you need to lose each week of average etc

People probably already use it but for those that don't I would highly recommend!! :)


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8 Replies

  • Just read that and it sounds like I'm on commission or something haha

    Just found it really helpful and thought other people may too :) also it's FREE!! :D

  • I don't own any gadgets or gismos, but I have calculated everything concerning my weight loss journey down to the nth degree with paper and pen.

    I have it all written down eg every half and whole stone, all % body weight lost in 5's, weekly percentage weight loss etc etc

    Me obsessed? Never! :)

    Have fun with your app, but mind out you don't end up like me :)

  • I started off writing it down but had the tendency to just leave it in the living room so it was easy to update which was fine until a nosey friend or in law came round and started asking about it (I haven't told anyone in trying to lose weight I don't cope with the pressure from it) and I gave up making lies so thought I'd go mobile!

    Plus every time I'm out and fancy just one more glass I can look and think no! Haha

  • Very clever, but I don't have a smart phone, so it's a non-starter for me :)

    I keep all my paperwork in my bedside table, no chance of anyone getting a sneaky peak there :)

  • Haha I need to hide things better- although I'm sure some people would still manage to find ;)!

  • Probably, where there's a will there's a way :)

  • Hi Wood - I wish MFP did show milestones and the way you describe the Monitor my wieght APP it sounds great for that. Too late for me as I now have a weird and definitely long term relationship with MFP. I think it is a personality type thing - some people get really motivated by the stats, the charts the progress reviews, the milestones etc. I am describing myself here but I suspect MoreorLess knows where I am coming from.

  • I will definitely be using them hand in hand I'm a my fitness pal addict now too! Haha

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